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Benefits of being a Gamer


Raymond Phuong

Staff Reporter

January 17, 2014


FALL RIVER - People think online gaming is dangerous, and it can be to some extent, but everything is dangerous, right? Yet for many, online gaming is beneficial and great. A person can meet and chat with others online and work together in teams to complete goals with each other, creating a type of bond unlike that in real life. 


There are unique challenges and factors that stimulate our creativity and ability to adapt to the challenges, which as a whole, allows the individuals to prosper in education.


What can online gaming bring to individuals? It provides a fun social form of interactive entertainment that can invoke cooperation and teamwork, as well as providing a common point of interest for one another to socialize with. 


Online gaming  enhances a type of reading, math, and writing skills in those that play them. People who played action-based video and computer games made decisions 25% faster than others without sacrificing accuracy, according to a study featured in the Wall Street Journal.


Gamers are expected to have worse eyesight than non-gamers, but in reality, I believe that gamers actually have much better eyesight. Those who play games have the ability to quickly change between different visual and attentive tasks. They are also able to filter out irrelevant information in everyday tasks. 


Studies also show that gamers on average can pay attention to six different things without being confused. This is possible due to the numerous visual objects a game provides to the player that requires them to pay attention and solve the challenge. Normally, it is four different things an average person can keep up with.


In the first-person shooter games, these violent games sharpens the player's vision, improving their attention and working memory, as well as developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The skills gained from online gaming works in real life situations such as driving, or working on more than one task at a time. 


As gamer myself, I find my experiences online have helped me with better skills gained from hours of online play.