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Connecting Cultures
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Christmas Hopes from the Durfee Hilltoppers

Katlynn Rogers '15
Staff Reporter
December 20, 2013

"I want clothes, mostly scarves, sweaters, and jeans."

-Leah Grannum, Grade 10

"I would like to get a PS4 because I love video games."

-Julio Rivera, Grade 12

"I want an iPhone 5s."

-Matthew Sousa, Grade 12











"I want to spend time with both my family and my boyfriend's family."

-Katelyn Cabral, Grade 12

"For Christmas I want all my family's bills to be paid."

-Nevin Keo, Grade 11

"I want a car so I can get places."

-Ally Katz, Grade 11

"I'm proposing to my girlfriend, so I want her to say yes for Christmas."

-Jan Garcia, Grade 11

"For Christmas I hope to see my family from the Azores."

-Kelly Medeiros, Grade 11