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College, Here We Come!


Jenna Vieira ‘15

Staff Reporter

October 1, 2014

For the seniors here at Durfee, college is becoming a reality. For the past few weeks, the guidance counselors have been visiting English classrooms to talk about the college process. This process has been stressful, due to all of the steps that need to be taken during the application process. It is a unanimous feeling of anxiety.

A few students feeling overwhelmed were willing to share their feelings. When asked about the college process, Daniel Frazier, 17, said “ Everyone is stressed out. Scholarships are what worry me the most."

Daniel Frazier talks about college stress.  

                               -Hilltop File Photo 

Career choice, financial aid, letters of recommendation, and SATS are just a few of the steps toward college that concern a fellow student, Shelbie Souza, 17. “ I am nervous about moving out of my parents house, however I am looking forward to meeting new people and feeling independent,” said Souza.

Ben Norton, 17, wonders what college he will attend. “ Is it the right fit for me?” said Norton. This a question that all the students here are asking themselves.

I as a fellow student can say that I have been overwhelmed with everything related to college. I was and am still unfamiliar with what needs to be done to submit applications to colleges. I worry that I will not get everything done in a timely manner. I feel that can speak for many students that this process seems never ending and it is just the beginning.

No matter if we are ready or not, college is on its way. The best advice that can be given to students is to stay on top of everything related to applications. It seems as if our first half of senior year will be filled with stress, but hopefully, we can all manage the college process together.