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School Spirit Overwhelms Durfee

Hunter Reis
March 15, 2013

Durfee High School has done it again. The tremendous outpouring of school pride has raised quite a few eyebrows in the last few weeks, but unfortunately not all of it has been in good light.

It is no secret that Durfee prides itself on, well, "Durfee Pride." So naturally when we were entered into FUN 107's "Show Your School Spirit" challenge, students, faculty, alumni, and basically the entire community voted to their heart's content. Needless to say, we occupied 90% of the votes in a mere 3 hours.

After a brief comeback from Bishop Connolly High School, who had recently become Division 4 State Champions in boys basketball, Durfee squashed the nuisance and came out on top, breaking away from Connolly by more than 40%. 

The winner of this competition receives a free outdoor movie, courtesy of C&G Party rentals. This is ideal for our school, as we attempted to host an event like this in the fall, but refrained due to the outbreak of EEE. 

Now before we continue to vote, perhaps we should take a look at what school spirit really is. According to the high school student's best friend, Wikipedia, "[The] definition of school spirit is closely associated with good sportsmanship among students and their families at sporting events and is loosely based upon encouraging each other." 

During the girl's basketball team's final game of the season, their tournament game against Newton South, a boorish chorus of "spray tan" and "Jersey Shore" were aimed at one opponent who later claimed to be mulatto. Members of the popular sixth man club harassed this girl and the rest of the opposing team relentlessly. This certainly does not sound like good sportsmanship to me, and it certainly is not encouraging anybody. It is simply rude, disdainful, and does nothing to cleanse the school's reputation.

This came just a week after the "Twitter Epidemic of 2013". For one weekend every man, woman, and child who had ever walked the halls of Durfee High School felt the need to write their comical, yet hurtful stories and add #inDurfee to the end. Once enough people started doing this, it started trending and was advertised for the entire Greater Fall River Area to see. Eventually, people began using it as a "safe" way to personally attack teachers and other students, alumni began to use it as a way of revenge on their high school crushes, and the whole thing became quite ridiculous quite fast. 

Now, I am not saying that we should not win this Fun 107 Show Your School Spirit Challenge. And I'm certainly not saying that we do not deserve to win. However in the future, students, faculty, alumni, and the entire community need to see where to draw the line, and where Durfee Pride turns into disorder, sportsmanship turns into bullying, and social media turns into your therapist.