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New Year, New You

Sarah Soares '13
Opinion Editor

To bring in the New Year, many people make a list of things that they want to accomplish in the next 365 days. These resolutions give hope that people can change themselves and give them a goal to work toward. However, many people find it hard to complete the resolutions that they set for themselves.

According to the KCBD network, the top five New Year’s resolutions of 2013 are to lose weight, get more organized, go to the gym regularly, spend less save more, and to quit smoking. These resolutions are habit-based and take time and dedication to accomplish successfully.

Instead of a resolution that would take a whole year to complete, setting short term goals throughout the year would make your aspirations easier to accomplish.

As a discussion in my public speaking class, we had a debate on whether New Year’s resolutions actually work or not.

Senior Gracen Viveiros said, “I don’t see anything wrong with having a New Year’s resolution, it gives people something to work for throughout the upcoming year.”

As Viveiros views the positive aspect of resolutions, senior Alexis Almeida doesn’t feel the same. “I don’t think someone needs a new year to start a resolution. If they really wanted to change why couldn’t they start on any given day of the year,” said Almeida.

The famous New Year's Ball that drops every year since 1907.
                --courtesy of timessquareball.net


Although Almeida provides a valid counter argument, senior Corinne Laurianno feels very strongly about New Year’s resolutions. “After watching the movie New Year’s Eve, that time of year seems magical to me, like anything can happen. So it is a good time for people to take a step back and decide to change things they want to better themselves for the upcoming year,” said Laurianno.

The media does make New Year's Eve a special time with shows like "Dick Clark’s-New Year’s Rockin’ Eve" (first televised in 1972) which provides live performances from favorite singers and entertainers.

New Year's Eve offers the possibility of becoming a better person or the dream of making it their best year yet. New Year’s resolutions won’t necessarily make someone’s year better, but it can help people strive to make their life happier, healthier, and full of positive memories.