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Benefit concert for Barrett rocks, attendance does not

Abaigeal O'Brien '12
Opinion Editor
October 12, 2010

On October 1, a benefit concert was held for the Sgt. Robert Barrett Scholarship Fund. The night was a memorial filled with music from The Carter Twins, Andrea Belanger, Rebecca Correia, and various Durfee students. I personally attended the night and was blown away by the music played but the attendance rate was very disappointing. This night was filled with music and fun and the proceeds went to a scholarship for two Durfee students. So what could be better?

To me, there is nothing more important than friends, family, education, and music. This concert captured all these in one night. The show was free and donations were voluntary, so why didn't more people attend? This great man gave his life to serve and protect us. Isn't it the least we could do, to show up at his memorial put on by some of the people who valued him most?

I interviewed many of the people who helped to put on the show and all involved were so excited for the event and with the football game for that night canceled, the attendance was expected to increase even more. I cannot understand why more students and community members did not show up for this show. It is not every day that big time country music stars grace the Durfee stage, so this was an experience to remember. Even if country music isn't your preference the concert still was for a great cause.

This event was publicized all over the school and students were approached by Mr. Coogan to attend, so again, what was the problem? Students need to become more attentive of the activities going on around the school. This benefit concert is expected to be an annual event, so I can only hope that next year the attendance goes way up.