Durfee Elects New Student Government Officials


Kelsey Rodrigues, 2015

Staff Reporter

June 4, 2015


After a very competitive election season, the Student Government officials of the 2014 to 2015 school year have been chosen. Next year’s Sophomore Class will be led by Charlie Martin as President, Kevin Tinoco as Vice President, John-Paul McDonald as treasurer, and Marc Akouri as Secretary. The class of 2016 voted for Kai Uehara as their President, Lismar Garcia as Vice President, Katrina Ferreira as Treasurer, and Leah Grannum as Secretary. 


For the class of 2015, Courntey Cabral was reelected as President, as well as Brianna Camara as Vice President, and Caroline Batista as Secretary, with Jennie Arruda being elected as Treasurer. Lucas Fernandes, Keegan Murphy, Meredith Forcier, and Kelsey Rodrigues were elected to Student Body in the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. 


Students are filling out their ballets during lunch.  

                                           -Hilltop File Photo 

After nomination forms were placed on Friday, May 30, elections were held on June 11 during lunches and results were announced fourth period the following day. 


All eligible students could campaign for the positions of next school year’s class president, class vice president, class secretary, and class treasurer. Students who have previously held at least one prior student government office could also run for student body president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.


To be accepted as a candidate, students had to obtain an endorsement signature from their english, math, history, and science teachers, as well as their class advisor and vice principal. 


This year, stricter campaign limitations were set in an effort to maintain fairness. Candidates could post no more than 100 posters around the building, all of which had to be legal sized paper, eliminating the use of larger banners and had to be approved by a student government advisor. Bracelets, pins, food, and other non paper “favors” were also banned from distribution. 


“We had strong participation from the sophomore and junior classes, but we would’ve loved to see more seniors running” says co-advisor Rachel Silva. In next years election, she hopes to see at least two people running for all positions. 


Newly elected Student Body President, Lucas Fernandes, ran unopposed to for the position. “A lot of people have the negative idea that Student Government is just a popularity contest, but its really so much more than that. We might not all be the smartest or the most talented kids in the school, but we all share a great love Durfee and want to make a change, and I think that says a lot,” he shared. 


Congratulations to all the candidates, win or lose, it was a successful student government campaign.