Durfee Students Experience Life after College


Keegan Murphy ‘15

Staff Reporter 

April 13, 2014 


On Thursday, April 10, Durfee’s Guidance department came together with various businesses in the community to mock the expected life of a student with their expected job.  


Durfee students did not only see how challenging life can be, they also saw if their life would be attainable. Junior Alexi Rebello says “Having to actually work out all the money being spent was stressful and a big reality check on buying necessities and wants.” Rebello was able to see the struggles that people actually have to go through in life.  


Students visits the various stations at the Credit for Life Fair.

                                   -Hilltop file photo

The objective of Credit for Life is not to go bankrupt while attempting to go through the daily struggle of the real world. Junior Alex Holden says “It was a great experience in terms of getting a glimpse of your future.  Before credit for life, I had no idea how much money I have to spend when i become an adult.  With the help of the Credit for Life, I now knew what to expect when I become an adult.” 


About 15 companies participated in Credit for Life.  Not only did the students attended the fair, the students had to do two assignments to prepare for activity.   Students had to complete the first assignment in their history class.  The assignment entailed finding your career, then finding the annual salary. This helped the students to plan out what they needed and wanted to buy.  


After the students completed the previous assignment in their history class, they were handed another assignment to complete in their math class.  With this assignment, they saw how much money was taken out of their salary from taxes and health insurance.  After the two assignments were completed, Durfee Juniors attended the Credit for Life fair.  While attending the fair, students faced the hassle of affording a house and a car or buying simple things, such as groceries and an iPhone.  Each student had to attend the 15 stations to complete the activity.  


After the students visited all of the stations, they went to a financial advisor to see if they passed the objective of the game. If a student was unsuccessful, then they would have to go back to one or more of the stations to find something cheaper so they would meet the criteria.    


Not only was this an interesting way to spend a morning at Durfee High School, each student who attended the fair  learned critical financial advice to allow the student to have a successful life after college.