2014 Senior Superlatives Announced 

Jane O'Brien '15
Staff Reporter
April 2, 2014

Each year seniors get the opportunity to vote for a male and female classmate who they believe have made their mark on the Class of 2014. The Record Book is proud to announce the 2014 Senior Superlatives:

Category Female Male
Class Clown Courtney Estrella Christopher Pereira
Most Likely To Succeed Kasey Andrade Nicholas Raposo
Most Musically Talented Amanda Motta Teddy Sreng
Best Smile Glenda Ortiz Danny Costa
Biggest Flirt Tanisha DaCamara Keith Worsley
Best Dressed Allison Stasz Carlos Andrade
Born in the Wrong Decade Leyshonna Reed Patrick Medeiros
Best Eyes Kennedy Branco Thomas Roussel
Most Athletic Carson Moreira-Rego Ryan Carter
Class Couple Megan Rockett Matt Baker
Most Durfee Pride Danielle MacDonald David Aguiar
Most Artistic Carina Nunes Trevor Benoit
Worst Case of Senioritis Halle Monte Tim Perkins
Best All Around Megan Rockett Joe Heniene
Social Butterfly Vanessa DaCosta Zachary McCabe
Best Laugh Paulina Feitelberg Patrick Levesque
Quietest Kasey Andrade Nicholas Carlton
Couple That Never Was Tori Borges Zachary Pereira