Le Creperie Comes to Durfee

Danielle MacDonald '14

Staff Reporter

March 11, 2014


This month at Durfee is Foreign Language Month. Through out these four weeks, the Foreign Language Department will be coming together to create events and workshop activities for students to connect with different cultures through first hand experiences. 


On Tuesday, March 4, the French department kicked off the month by bringing in "Le Crepepire" from Providence, Rhode Island to serve fresh, sweet, and savory crepes to all French classes as well as the upper level Portuguese classes. This tradition started back a few years ago when the French department tried to figure out a way that the students could have a true French experience.  

      Bobby is making crepes for students.                              Hi               -Hilltop File Photo

"13 years ago we wanted an authentic experience to try French cuisine and we established a relationship with Le Crepepire. Since then, we've continued the tradition. Kids love it so we keep up with it every year, " said French teacher, Amanda Pierce. "We wanted it on this day so that we could have it celebrated on Mardi Gras. We want to be able to have more opportunities to work together within the department of languages and share our cultural traditions."

Students are able to connect to French cuisine by learning how each crepe is made. Owner, Leslie Carnevale explains that they use a traditional crepe machine to make each individual crepe with numerous types of batter. The batter itself is like a pancake batter, which can be made regularly or with whole wheat.  


Carnevale opened up this creperie after trying crepes, for the first time and falling in love. She took a trip to Paris and became hooked on European culture and how they take their cuisine so seriously. 

"We opened up in July of 1996, making this July the 18th year we have been opened," said Carnevale who takes so much pride in her little restaurant. 


For some students, this was the first time trying the French cuisine. Many were impressed with the two appetizing treats that they were given. "They were delicious, I will definitely be having more crepes soon. I'm glad we had this opportunity to try them right in school," said student Logan Ferreira. 


Everyone enjoyed the Creperie's visit to Durfee to start off the Foreign Language Month. Next time you're in the mood for something flavorful, you can get a treat by visiting the Creperie on your next trip to Thayer Street.