Mr. Costa Awarded Teacher of the Year 
Keegan Murphy ‘15 
Staff Reporter 
March 12, 2014 
Social Studies teacher Michael Costa received the award of the 2013 Greater Fall River Teacher of the Year. This prestigious honor is only given to one teacher every school year in the area.   
Costa is an enthusiastic teacher that has no problem showing his personality to make learning enjoyable. “I try to keep things fun and students connected.  Teaching history, I am able to connect many of the topics in class to students' everyday lives. I put myself out there as a person.  History may seem boring to some people but when you inject life into it, it can be really interesting and engaging,” said Costa.  

Teacher of the Year award winner, Michael Costa is always eager to share his knowledge with his students.

                                 -Hilltop File Photo 

Costa was in awe when he learned that he was receiving this award. "When I first heard, I was absolutely shocked.  Getting recognized as the teacher of the year from a handful of school districts is a true honor and something I will never forget,” said Costa.

Surely, this is an exceptional accomplishment, stemming from years of hard work and dedication. Costa has been heavily influenced by the teachers in his life, and continues to be inspired by them today. He shares that he has been surrounded by “the best mentors in (his) time at Durfee…” who “inspire and motivate (him) to be better.” Costa also credits the “phenomenal teachers” he encountered as a student in the Westport school system. 
Costa was nominated for the 2013 Greater Fall River Teacher of the Year by a fellow Social Studies teacher, Sam Podbelski. Podbelski’s dedication and the positive impact he has on students makes him a potential recipient of the same award in the near future.
Podbelski nominated Costa because “Mr. Costa embodies what being a member of the Durfee Community is all about. He is a tireless worker on behalf of both students and his coworkers and deserves recognition for going above and beyond the duties of being an educator on a regular basis,” said Podbelski. 
Not only is he here during the school day, but Costa is also available for his students in the morning or after school if they need any help.  
He truly enjoys teaching, therefore he wants his students to enjoy learning. “I have the opportunity to interact with over 100 students a day.  No day and no class is ever the same, so it keeps me on my toes.  Eight years later I have the same passion and joy coming to school as I did on day one.  Durfee is a pretty special place,” said Costa.
Not only is Costa a teacher he is also the co-advisor to Student Government and the advisor to the Sixth Man Club that he created with a group of Durfee students to promote school spirit. 
“I love teaching in Fall River, Durfee gets a bad rep at times, but if people saw the great things that are happening here they would love it too,” said Costa. He goes on to explain that Durfee does have a reputation that is misunderstood, and there are more positive things that come out of this school from the students, that are not recognized by the public.  
Costa currently teaches U.S. History II and Sports in American Life and looks forward to many more years in room 360.