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Think Before You Text 

Caroline Aubin ‘15
Staff Reporter
February 24, 2014   


On Tuesday, February 11, Durfee students received a stern warning surrounding the use of social media for inappropriate purposes.


After the recent distribution of explicit photos on popular media sites, the Bristol County Sheriff's Department teamed up with Durfee to present a Power Point on the importance of internet safety. 


With various initiatives in the works, Durfee is hoping to spread the word about the consequences of "sexting". 

                                                        -Courtesy of www.etsy.com

Linda Pacheco and Colonel Gavigan from the Sheriff’s Department gave a passionate presentation about the trend of "sexting,” which involves the taking and distributing of nude or sexual pictures, often done by teenagers. While many teens may not think about the repercussions of sending nude photos, the law sees it as a possible felony. If the person in the photos is under 18, it will count as the distribution of child pornography. 


Pacheco informed the two Durfee assemblies, that those who are caught sending the photos can be charged as a sex offender and will be registered as such for at least 25 years. Many who engage in sending sexual photos are not aware of the effects their actions can leave. As an example, colleges and future jobs may find inappropriate photos and it may decrease the chances of being accepted or hired.


However, was the internet warning too late? 


Some students, such as junior Hazelin Alves, feel as though the assembly was unnecessary. “We should already know,” she said.


Senior Jonathan Curtis felt as though the assembly was necessary, but that “those who are not paying attention during it, are the ones that need it.”


With certain aspects of the presentation falling on deaf ears, will anything come from this? 


Durfee Student Government has taken a hand in spreading awareness about internet safety. Keegan Murphy, junior class treasurer, said that our Student Government is presenting a workshop at the YMCA Conference at Bridgewater State University on March 12 on the topic.  After the YMCA presentation, Murphy hopes to bring the workshop back to Durfee and work with our own students more. "We are thinking of holding small workshops for the club leaders and team captains with the hope that they will return to their activities and spread our message about internet safety to the rest of the student body," said Murphy.

Hopefully the spreading of awareness will deter Durfee teens from sharing illegal and inappropriate photos of themselves.