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Class on Fire gets Pumped Up for MCAS

Katlynn Rogers
Staff Reporter
March 18, 2014

All 609 sophomores were called down to the auditorium for the MCAS kick off on Monday, March 17. The kick off began with a routine from the cheerleaders. Mr. Marshall even went as far as to promise to shave off his hair if the attendance of the Class of 2016 was 96% or higher during MCAS.

Durfee Dance Team

                                     -Hilltop File Photo


With the crowd already excited for the opportunity to make their principal bald, the music of Notorious B.I.G. filled the air as the Durfee Dance Team began their routine. 

"The dance team really got me excited for MCAS and made me more focused on what my teachers had to say about it," said sophomore Amber Silvester.

Mr. Lefebvre showed a PowerPoint to the students. The presentation consisted of tips for answering questions and advice on how to answer the long composition. 

As the PowerPoint continued students in the audience were making connections and reflecting back on the books they have read.

After the dance team left the stage Mr. Amaral and Troy City's Finest took their place. Mr. Amaral rapped an inspiring MCAS preparation song that had the children dancing in their seats. 

"Pep rallies help to unite the class and relaxes them. It also shows the lighter side of things and motivates students," said Vice Principal Mrs. Fogarty. 

A breakfast followed the morning of the MCAS. Students were able to eat for an hour before the test started. There were a variety of different juices along with a choice of hot or cold breakfast.

"I feel like the test will be easy because I am in honors classes. The breakfast was very good and relaxing," said sophomore Marcos Pereira.

There are high hopes for this year's sophomores to do well in MCAS. The preparations that went into making sure the Class of 2016 felt motivated proves that.

"I feel like I will do really well in English. The breakfast helped to motivate me for today," said sophomore Lesley Figueroa.

Everyone is wishing them the best of luck and hoping Mr. Marshall has bought a new razor.