Welcome Back Sophomores and Juniors!

Jane O'Brien '15
Staff Reporter
September 19, 2013

On Tuesday, September 10, every junior student attending Durfee High School filed into the Nagle Auditorium during time slot two for the annual Welcome Back Assembly.

Vice Principal Paul Coogan welcomed back the Class of 2015 and opened the assembly by offering some words of encouragement. “2015 is the best class Durfee has ever had, no matter what anyone else has said about any other class.” Coogan informed the class that little time was left in their journey through high school. “341 days, that’s it. 341 days until you walk across that stage.”

Coogan addressed key reminders such as appropriate attire for school and the attendance policy. He went on to  comment on the newly rumored cell phone policy. According to administrators, a new cell phone policy will be introduced to the school committee for approval. The proposed plan is to allow the use of cell phones in the hallways, during passing time, and during lunch. As the assembly dwindled to an end, Coogan emphasized how important junior year is for each and every student.

As the juniors start their new year so does the Class of 2016. The junior assembly was immediately followed by the sophomore assembly. The assembly was kicked off by a warm welcome from the sophomore Vice Principal, Melissa Fogarty.

Throughout the assembly, Fogarty focused on the upcoming MCAS testing. “I want to be the class that sets the bar for MCAS scores. I want every class that comes after us to aspire to reach our scores.” Sophomore year is crucial for MCAS tests, with students taking both the Math and ELA tests.

After Fogarty finished her key points, their class advisor, Ms. Soares, took over the assembly. An enthusiastic Soares encouraged the sophomore class to get involved with their school and participate in school events. Soares also revealed that the car wash hosted by the sophomore class the previous Sunday was extremely successful with a total of $700 raised.

The annual Welcome Back Assembly reassured students that the school year had really started. Now, students attending Durfee are extremely enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.