Seniors Start the Year Off By Counting Down



Jennifer Richard '14
Staff Reporter
September 19, 2013



The excited Class of 2014 entered the auditorium on September 10, anxious to hear about the upcoming year. Vice Principal, Mr. Gray, was the first person to speak and started off by announcing there are only 160 days left for seniors, making the audience applaud. Gray stressed that attendance is crucial for this school year, and keeping up with homework and grades is very important to pass as well.


“Too often students fall behind because they don’t complete their homework, so I encourage them to keep up with their homework to be able to walk across the stage in June,” said Gray. It is also important to meet the graduation requirements, and have the 22 credits needed to graduate. There are 436 students currently in the senior class, and they are looking to get more students from the junior class to bump up to seniors.


Another important topic addressed was senior privileges. In order for a senior to have their privileges, they must adhere to the attendance policy and have three unexcused absences per term at the most.


“Any student who has more than three absences per term must attend Wednesday school and gain back their credits lost,” said Gray. The student must have all passing grades to get the privileges.


Another idea proposed was for a "senior package" to purchase tickets for all major senior year expenses such as, the yearbook, prom, cap and gown, and senior trip. The deadline to purchase this package would be January 1, 2014.


Student Body President Nick Raposo and Senior Class President Megan Rockett spoke about spirit week and class meetings. Gaeleen Riley, the yearbook editor, addressed the seniors about the deadline for senior pictures, which is October 25 for pictures taken by an outside photographer, and October 11 for Lifetouch photos.


Guidance counselors Mrs. Bulk and Mrs. Fellows spoke about the college fair, coming up on October 16, and SAT and ACT deadline dates. They will be visiting all Senior English classes over the next few weeks to discuss college and future plans.


All and all, the senior class seems motivated to start their final year on a positive note.