Class of 2017 Gets "Plugged In" To Life At Durfee

Katlynn Rogers '14
Staff Reporter
September 17, 2013

On Friday, Durfee held their annual Freshmen Club Fair in the Luke Urban Field House. Anxious freshmen walked around in hopes of finding a club that best fit their talent. Over fifteen tables surrounded the gym, advertising clubs that ranged from Interact Club to the Gay Straight Alliance.  


Amanda Motta speaks on behalf of the Press Club to an eager freshman
                                                 -Hilltop File Photo

Club officers were on hand to share important details about their organization. Awards, photos, and club gear were on display to help attract new members. The Sixth Man Team modeled their trademark t-shirts and loudly shouted fan chants, the Technical Theatre Club brought props to show off, and the Art Club had interesting student made sculptures as examples of what the freshmen could achieve if they joined. 

ROTC, Dance, and the Portuguese Club were very popular among the underclassmen. “The most popular club to me is ROTC because it teaches you discipline,” said Norman Reed. “There are a lot of kids around the Portuguese Club table, so to me the Portuguese Club seems the most popular,” said Therome Latch.

Alyssa Oliver thought the Dance Club was interesting because the members grabbed her attention by dancing and the fact that the captain is in a band, made her even more excited to sign up. “If a club looks like they are having fun and they have objects on their table that look cool it makes me want to sign up,” said Oliver. 

Meaghan Koskella, president of the Theatre Company, explained how much commitment goes into being in a club. “We literally never leave the Theatre wing. When you truly love doing something and have fun while you do it, you never want to stop. Our club is all about commitment. Our rehearsals take place from 6-9 p.m. and we have meetings about three times a week.” 

Officers of the Durfee Theatre Company represent their organization at the 2013 Freshmen Club Fair.                      
                                                 -Hilltop File Photo


Most freshmen felt that they could devote more than enough time into clubs without it interfering with their schoolwork and the club advisors agree. "Durfee is all about getting the students involved. We want students to learn the balance between school work and extra-curricular activities," said Mrs. Silva, co-advisor to Student Government.

Not only is commitment a key to a successful club, but so is passion.   “Our goal is to make not only Durfee, but our city a healthier place. We welcome anyone who wants to help us achieve our goal," said Sabrina Luz. "Being on the Green Team is awesome because we are making a positive change to our world and sending a positive message.” 

Whether you are planting trees or singing your heart out for the chorus, Durfee has a club for everyone. The fair gave the freshmen a sense of belonging and a great start to their four year journey as Durfee Hilltoppers.