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NEASC Presentation

Hunter Reis
Opinion Editor
May 11, 2012

On Sunday, May 6, members of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) visiting committee arrived at Durfee High School to evaluate the building for re-accredidation.  The committee met for orientation, a welcome breakfast, and a presentation created by the students and faculty of the school.

NEASC travels to public schools all over New England. Once every ten years, a school is visited by this committee. This group is usually comprised of 15 teachers who volunteer their time to visit schools throughout New England. Due to the size of Durfee's campus, the NEASC visiting committee was made up of 22 members instead of the usual 15. The organization analyzes the schools and determines whether or not they become accredited for the next decade.

Hosts Alyce Almeida and Brooke Taylor look over their script before the presentation.
                                                                                                 --Courtesy of FRED TV

The visit from NEASC is extremely important, not only for the Durfee community, but for the entire city of Fall River. Seeing as Durfee received a warning last time, it is vital that the high school impress the committee members this time around. 

“NEASC is a voluntary membership organization,” said Mr. McCarthy, the head chairperson of the NEASC visiting committee. “The particular part of NEASC we are dealing with is the commission of public secondary schools that accredits six hundred sixty schools across New England.” 

The decision made by this visiting committee affects the future of every student that walks through these hallways for the next 10 years.

The festivities on Sunday started off with students in the culinary arts program cooking the 22 members of the visiting committee a welcome breakfast. After they ate, members of NEASC went to their orientation until 1, when they arrived at the Nagle Auditorium to formally begin the visit.

The presentation began with a video of the history of the city of Fall River. Voiced by the history department head, Mr. Matthew Desmarais, the video highlighted the peak of Fall River’s wealth in textiles. Following the histroy, other clips included  “A day in the life of a Durfee student.” In this, several students including Curtis St. Pierre and Brittney Finch recorded their day from the time they woke up and entered the school to the time that they went to sleep at night. Videos showed various stories, those of walking to school, sitting through AP classes, going to softball practice, or running to catch the bus.

Speeches were made by vice principals Mr. Ross Thibault and Mrs. Tracy Curley on the strengths and weaknesses of the Durfee High School community. This was presented in order to show the committee the things that we plan to work on in the near future. Students of Durfee High School, Alexander Ried and Danai Boone, also made speeches regarding the school.