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Durfee Students Choose Middle School Leader

Brogan Murphy '12
Staff Reporter
January 30, 2012

Recently, one eighth grader from every city in Massachusetts was chosen to participate in Project 351. Created by Governor Deval Patrick, Project 351 is a statewide initiative with a mission to encourage young people in Massachusetts to get involved in their communities.

Each student was chosen by their teachers to represent their school. Durfee Student Government members would eventually have to narrow down the Fall River group to three students.  These students were chosen based on leadership skills, volunteer activities, performance within their school and their level of maturity. The winners will get to go to the inaugural speech of Governor Deval.

Senior John O'Neil and Alex Reid interview Meredith Forcier and
Meghan Soares.

                                                                                       --Hilltop file photo.
On January 5, these eighth graders came to Durfee to meet with our student government leaders. The eighth graders were assigned to different tables where the interview process began. Each student government member got a chance to interview the middle school students. The young students rotated until every student government member got to them.

As the interview process came to a close, the Student Government members had to decide which three students they were going to choose to represent the city of Fall River. The students picked included Meredith Forcier, Meghan Soares, and Kenia Yamileth Valdivia. “It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ll never forget it” said eighth grader Forcier. 

"Having to choose only three was such a tough decision to make, as they all would have represented Fall River in an awesome and unique manner” said senior student government Alex Reid.