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Alumni Return to Durfee

Renée Thiboutot '12

January 24, 2012

As the 2012 graduating class is entering their second and final semester, students are preparing themselves for college. Each year Durfee asks alumni from the most recent graduating class to return and share their first semester college experience with current Durfee students.

2011 graduates Jake Brown, Catherine Cabral, Tony Cabral, Christopher Carr, Evan Darmody, and Trey Davidson returned, along with Cory DeMederios, Victoria Dombek, Zachary Ferreira, Robert Gregg, Alisia Medeiros, D’Andre Quinerly, and Danielle Santos. Head of guidance, Ms. Aimee Bronhard, presented topics for the alumni to discuss; which included their academic experiences and professors, commuting vs. on-campus residency, roommates, and how well Durfee prepared them.

Durfee graduate Jake Brown takes the microphone to share his thoughts.
--Hilltop file photo.
The academic rigor and assignments are different for each school. Some of the alumni discussed papers, while Brown made it clear that it depends on which school and major you choose. As a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with a schedule full of math and science courses, Brown is yet to write a paper. Santos, because of her Advanced Placement classes at Durfee, writes less papers than the average student; while others are writing papers, she’s sleeping.

Several of the alumni reinforced the idea that students should build relationships with their professors so that they will understand you more and you will know what they expect. Davidson spoke of a time that he wrote an essay, but couldn’t really find the words to describe what he wanted to say. After having a conversation with his professor, he knew what Davidson was trying to say. Medeiros was also given more time on a paper after communicating with her teacher.

While some, Dombek being one, said that her professors would not take her late work, others said theirs would. Gregg, who has classes consisting of about 30 kids, said it was a wake-up call when his teacher didn’t know the students by name and Quinerly told his audience that college doesn’t necessarily give you more work, it just takes more of an effort outside of class. “Listen to your teachers, they know what they are talking about,” said Brown.

Out of the alumni, there was a mixed group of both commuting students and on campus residents. Darmody said that as a commuter time management is his biggest issue and Tony Cabral said that it can sometimes be a hassle to go back and forth to school everyday. DeMedeiros told his audience to tough it out, and meet different people and see different people. All of the alumni agreed that applying for scholarships is important, and it may be a pain now, but it could save you a ton of money in the future. “Visit the campus, don’t base your decision off of how happy the people look in the brochure,” said Carr.

As the alumni begin their second semester in college and Durfee seniors are entering their final half of the year, the Class of 2012 will hopefully take this advice with them in the coming months.