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Durfee on Duty... Jury Duty that is

Andrea Dupont '12
Trends Editor
Brogan Murphy '12
November 7, 2011

On October 26, Mike Ryan, from the Massachusetts Jury Commission, presented an informational program about jury duty to students in social science classes at Durfee High School. At the start of the presentation Ryan enlightened the students with his satirical persona.

As Ryan went from class to class he worked with small groups in order to interact more with students individually. Ryan had a Jeopardy inspired power point with current event cases incorporated in the slides. 

“It was very informative and interesting. The man knew his stuff and I felt it was a good experience. It gave a lot of insight to the jury duty process,” said senior Mankit Chow.

Ryan tried connecting with the students by referencing well known celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Weezy, and even Lil’ Kim. Ryan hopes that this presentation shows future jurors the significance of jury duty and for them to have confidence when they are summoned.

“It gives them the idea that it is a positive experience and reinforces its importance to do your duty,” said Ryan.

Preparation for jury duty is beneficial to high school students since most will be eligible for the position in the next few years. Ryan helped students understand the process and gave them the opportunity to be a better citizen by making the right decision when they are called to serve jury duty.