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Mass Merriment for Mole Day

Hunter Reis '13
October 24, 2011

Every year on October 23 from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM, people all over the world celebrate Mole Day in recognition of Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23), a basic unit of measurement in chemistry.

Mr. Nelson performing one of his Mole Day experiments
--Hilltop File Photo
Unfortunately, the annual Mole Day fell on a Sunday this year and because of this, students of Durfee High School celebrated the special day on Friday, October 21.

       All day, chemistry students were busy making signs and decorating shirts supporting their class team. The teams were separated by individual chemistry classes; and each class had their own color t-shirt. Teams included “Team Costa” dressed in lime green, “Team Nelson” adorning black, and  “Team Duffy” in gray.

         The change of date did nothing to hinder the celebration that took place. The team leaders, who are the teachers of the chemistry classes, each had their own grand entrance onto the stage. 

Mr. Eric Nelson was the host of the Mole Day celebration. Nelson, along with Mr. Sean Duffy, Mr. Steve Abdow, and Ms. Lindsey Costa performed numerous exciting chemistry experiments.    

Duffy, dressed in a full Harry Potter ensemble, performed an experiment that involved a burning dish towel and a "whooshing" bottle. Abdow told of his "Thanksgiving" where he showed students how he changed red wine to white and then back to red again.

Nelson performed some experiments involving a solution instantly changing between colors. He also used liquid nitrogen to freeze numerous objects, such as a banana, which he used to hammer a nail into a board.

Chemistry students contributed to the celebrations of Mole Day by doing extra credit projects such as making a stuffed mole, door decorating, or making a song or rap about moles. These projects are currently on display throughout the school.