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Welcome Bask Bash a Huge Success

Brenna Riley '12
September 18, 2011

On Friday, September 16, Durfee High School hosted their annual Welcome Back Bash for all students. The Bash was the first exposure to Durfee’s school spirit and fun atmosphere for the freshmen. Many students from all classes attended the event, making it a huge success.

“This is a good first impression of what Durfee is going to be like, with lots of fun activities,” said freshman Keegan Murphy.

Many activities were available for students at the Bash; including temporary tattoos, an obstacle course, and several other games. Students were also given hot dogs and chips throughout the Bash, served by volunteer seniors. However, according to many, the games and food were not the best parts of the Bash.

“My favorite part is hanging out with all my friends and getting ready to watch the football game,” said freshmen Nick Cohen.

All of the students were excited to spend time with their friends, while being given the opportunity to make new ones.

“The best part is getting to meet all your classmates that you don’t have classes with,” said freshman Molly Fellows.

The seniors were also excited to be at the event, both helping out and enjoying their last Bash as Durfee students. Many assisted in running different activities and helping serve food.

“I’m having a really good time, I like helping all of the freshmen. I’m going to miss Durfee and activities like this, I don’t want to graduate,” said senior Mary Rapoza.

Durfee’s band, color guard and cheerleaders performed for the students in the courtyard. The school staff was also enjoying themselves.

Freshmen Vice-Principal Paul Coogan only had positive things to say about the Bash, “It’s going really well, it looks like everyone is having fun and we’re going to have a good football game.”

After the Bash all students in attendance were admitted for free into the first varsity home football game.