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Seniors Return to New Vice Principal

Emanuele Da Costa ‘16
Lismar Garcia ‘16
September 20, 2015

Back to school assemblies were held last week in the auditorium for all classes. On Wednesday, September 16,  the senior class met for their final welcome back assembly. With lots of new changes for the upcoming school year, the Class of 2016 received a heartfelt speech from former Vice Principal, Melissa Fogarty. Students welcomed the new Vice Principal, Taylor Brown with a big round of applause, along with Principal Maria Pontes.

Former Vice Principal Mrs. Fogarty introduces new senior class Vice Principal Taylor Brown.  -Photo by Samantha Whitehead, Staff Photographer

Fogarty went on to explain the new ID policy, which states that every student must wear their IDs at all times. The senior class was assigned the color green for their cards and Fogarty explained, “your I.D. cards are green, because it means ‘go’ and you will all soon be going forward with the next step of your life.”

Brown continued the assembly with emphasis on the new attendance policy which states that students may only have 5 unexcused absences per term, with the sixth absence resulting in a failing grade of 64 for that class.

Brown believes this new policy will improve the overall attendance of students. The new policy was created to decrease absences throughout the school in order to have more students attend their classes.

"The new V.P. seems great. It’s sad to see that Mrs. Fogarty won’t be our V.P. anymore, but it’s nice to know that she’s still involved in our class,” said senior Christopher Farrington.