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Connecting Cultures | Archived

Durfee Community Campaigns for Kindness

Kelsey Rodrigues ‘15
Opinion & Student Life Editor
March 27, 2015

Last week, the Durfee community took great strides towards the message we hear so loudly every morning - “providing a safe, rigorous learning environment that is equitable, inclusive and collaborative.” Community based learners teamed up with Student Government to combat violence within the school, specifically focusing on the frequent use of abusive and intolerant language towards other students. 

The dynamic duo sold bracelets reading “Words Hurt. Words Help. Choose Wisely,” during lunches. The bracelets were sold for 25 cents and quickly sold out within a week.

Additionally, the campaign encouraged students to sign a respect pledge. They collected upwards of 300 signatures from students pledging to, “respect [their] peers, teachers, and school faculty, practice peaceful actions in and outside of school, and spread messages of non-violence throughout the school and community.”

“It's important to realize the problems occurring in today’s society and unfortunately violence and disrespect are present more than ever. I hope this campaign made people more aware of the weight of their words and actions and made Durfee a better place,” said Student Body President Lucas Fernandes.

Durfee students work together to sell "Words Hurt. Words Help. Choose Wisely" bracelets.
                                       -Hilltop File Photo

Mrs. Susan Pucillo, a member of the Climate and Culture Team, the group responsible for creating the initiative, is moved by the results. “I’m very pleased with the entire activity. It’s a school wide campaign and we hope its the beginning of students choosing their words more wisely. We’re especially pleased with how well received it was throughout the community,” said Pucillo

In continuation of this movement, Student Government introduced a new tie-dyed Durfee Pride “peace” themed t-shirt, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to local youth empowerment projects. Additionally, they launched a campaign to encourage students to be more conscious about what they post online. 

T.H.I.N.K. asks students to consider whether their post is true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind before they share it with the world, extending the respect from the Durfee halls to the cyber world. 

If you want to make a difference, the first place to start is within yourself. Though the campaign is over, the pledges will be hung in a prominent location to regularly remind Durfee students of their promise of peace. United in this goal, we can create a better, more tolerant and inclusive community for all.