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Connecting Cultures | Archived

It's Finally Over!

Jenna Vieira ’15

Staff Reporter 

March 3, 2015

The AP Saturday sessions began way back in November. These sessions are a requirement for all of the advanced placement English students to attend in order to be exempt from taking a final at the end of the year. These are also designed to help prepare the students to take their AP exams in May.

The first session, as well as normal, everyday classes, was to help further prepare students for the mock/practice exam that was to be taken in January. It consisted of looking at texts, learning to dissect passages, and analyze these passages in depth.

All students took the practice test on January 10. There were mixed reactions on the level of difficulty of the test. Some felt it was not as bad as expected, while others felt that it was a challenge.

Senior Danny Couto says “There was one with a guy eating dirt and I had no idea what to write about.” That passage seemed to be a hot topic among the students who attended the sessions.

The last session was held on February 29 at New Bedford High school. It was filled with the overview of the mock exam taken in January.

Students felt that it benefited them to have a deeper understanding of the passages that were presented to them on the exam. It began to make more sense when each passage was dissected.

“My only concern is that we have a limited amount of time to understand the passage well enough to develop a response,” says Alexis Mota, junior at Durfee High.

For the seniors, this is the last session of our high school career. It is yet another reminder of our impending graduation. The actual AP exams begin in May. Good luck to all of those who are taking part in the exams!