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Connecting Cultures | Archived

Back to Kindergarten

Caroline Batista '15
Staff Reporter
January 12, 2015
Durfee’s graduating class of 2014 returned to their home turf to advise the up and coming seniors on what life would be like in a few short months. College freshmen Carson Moreira-Rego, James Souza, Nicholas Raposo, Patrick Leaver, Andre Pereira, Joshua Mioza, Caroline Cipiollini, and Kaisey Andrade took the stage in Durfee’s Nagle Auditorium during third period on Wednesday, January 7. 

The Durfee Alumni share their experiences.
                                 -Hilltop File Photo

Guidance Department Head, Kim Napolitano, hosted the event and asked the questions that were hot on the seniors' minds.They shared their experiences and how much they have learned in such a short period of time.

The graduates had interesting stories both in and out of the classroom. James Souza, a Northeastern University representative, compared his college experience to “being back in kindergarten.” He said that one of the toughest things for him was adjusting to life on his own. He no longer had the guidance of his parents steering him the right direction. “I never had to wake up myself, so the first day of classes I had an 8 AM and I missed it,” said Souza.

Roommates were another hot topic during the discussion. Carson Moreira-Rego, a Babson University freshman, explained to the students that her roommate situation was not ideal. “I do not get a long with my roommates. If you have the chance to switch roommates do it as soon as you can,” said Moreira-Rego. She advised the seniors that switching roommates may be necessary to enjoy the college experience. Nicholas Raposa, a Boston College nursing student, explained that he met his roommate at "Accepted Student Day" and although they were not the best of friends, they are compatible roommates.
Caroline Cipollini stressed to the seniors that the best thing about high school was the credits from AP classes that she transferred over. She instructed all underclassmen in the school to "take as many AP classes as they can.” Scholarships were another popular topic. Andre Pereira, a BCC student, talked about his personal experience and the cost of college. Unfortunately, he was unable to go to his dream school. Pereira said, “My only regret was that he did not apply for enough scholarship.”
“The Durfee Alumni was really helpful, they all had really valid points and informed me on things I will be needing to know in the future” said senior Alexi Rebello.others seniors could agree that the alumni did a good job representing their schools.