Anna Nalick Performs at Durfee

Jenna Vieira '15

Staff Reporter

November 10, 2014


Saturday, November 1, Durfee played host for singer Anna Nalick. The show began at 7 pm and admission was $5, a small cost for a great show.

There were three performers who opened up for Nalick. The act was the Khoury Sisters, who performed original songs, which are available on iTunes. Following the Khoury Sisters was Sara Azriel who performed original songs with a cabaret twist. The final opening act was Rebecca Correia, who was a country singer who was new to the Durfee lineup.

Anna Nalick poses after the show,     -Hilltop File Photo

There was a brief intermission before the guest of honor was to take the stage.

Nalick was accompanied by Will Gramly on piano and performed “Consider This” and “ What If” before introducing herself to the crowd. She was a very honest and personable person, putting all of her emotion into each song.

She then performed 9 additional songs. Nalick shared her story about her years when she walked away from her music label. She explained that she could not express herself freely through her music. “ Music is meant to be beautiful,” said Nalick.

Nalick was able to make the performance intimate and relate and connect to her audience.

After the show was over, Nalick went into the lobby to sign autographs and pictures. It was a show worth attending. A big thank you to senior vice principal, Paul Coogan, for putting together a great show.