Rock & Ramble Race Rained Out?

Shelbie Souza ‘15

Staff Reporter

November 6, 2014

On Saturday, November 1st, Durfee held its annual “Rock & Ramble” road race, a 5k that participants can either run or walk in. The race started at around 10 o’clock in the morning, and extended from Elsbree Street to close neighborhoods off of Ray Street. Mrs. Fogarty and Mr. Coogan oversaw the run, and many Durfee professionals showed up bright and early to assist the events the runners would take place in.

Pre-registered runners and last minute sign-ups were welcome, and each participant was given a long-sleeve t-shirt that others could buy for $10. After registration was complete, runners were welcome to eat a breakfast of a variety of bagels, donated by our own local New York Bagel, fruit such as oranges and bananas, and bottles of water or juice.

The race was scheduled to happen rain or shine. Though the weather did not hold up, there was still a great amount of people from the community that came out to raise money for Durfee. About 90 people participated, from all walks of life, some were teachers at Durfee, and even parents.

Student volunteers were needed and awaited at every street corner to guide the runners on the path to the finish line. Each volunteer waited for the last runner to pass before heading back to Durfee, and no hilltopper was left behind. Whether you were running the race for your own personal reasons, or just to raise money for the school, the Rock & Ramble Road Race continues to bring our community together, and shows that no matter the age or occupation, once a hilltopper, always a hilltopper.