Talents Discovered


Jenna Vieira ’15
Staff Reporter

October 28, 2014

Durfee High School held their annual Talent Show on Friday, October 17. This year the stage was filled with talented young stars who won over the crowd. These 15 contestants gave it all they had for a potential win.

The stars of the show are as follows; Adam Turcotte and Madison Zenni, Kiara Oliver, Alyssa Landry and Michaela Leboeuf , Mateo Mendoza, Jada Vindinha, Nathaniel Roberts and Emma Rogers, ShaiAnn Greene, Yahn Vazquez, Chelsea Aguiar, Elijah Peterson, Jenna Vieira, Margaret Ferreira, J'lynn Jackson and Desiree Silva, Rachel Almeida , and Caroleanne Fernandez.

Sophomore Emily Fleet opens the show.

                                 -Hilltop File Photo

The hosts of the show were Deborah Mcllhargey and Emily Fleet. The two kicked off the show by performing “ Something Bad” By Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

Elijah Peterson said his favorite part of the night was “when we were all backstage singing together while I played guitar.”

“ This was the toughest competition by far” said Mr. Coogan, Vice Principal of the senior class.

After the performers finished, the guests went out into the lobby to cast their vote. It was a close contest. Each contestant was then called back onto the stage and asked to line up in the order in which they performed.

In third place came Caroleanne Fernandez with the prize of $25. In second place, Chelsea Aguiar with a prize of $50. The first place winners were dancer J'lynn Jackson and Desiree Silva with the grand prize of $100.

Congratulations to all the talented contestants who participated in the annual Talent show here at Durfee. It was a fun-filled night!