AP Kick-off

Shelbie Souza ‘15

Staff Reporter

September 30, 2014

 Imagine it now. Durfee’s band playing our pump-up anthems, varsity cheerleaders cheering on stage for our AP students, and various speakers encouraging Durfee’s students to accomplish, what was once the impossible, and now thanks to Mass Insight is achievable.

This is our annual AP- Kick off, hosted by Guidance and Mr. Marshall, however every year Durfee invites guest speakers to the rally. This year key speaker was Jeff Mahoney, the “Director of Campaign Partnership” for Mass Insight. He was very interactive with the student assembly, and welcomed State Representatives and Durfee Alumni Carol Fiola and Alan Silvia, and State Representative Paul Schmidt. All three state reps fought for another year of funding for Fall River’s Advanced Placement program, as they detailed that the roots of Mass Insight started with the Hilltoppers. It is not only these representatives that can take all the credit for our continuing success.

Carol Fiola speaks out to AP students

-Hilltop File Photo

“Teachers don’t get enough recognition”, said Silvia. Mass Insight’s mission is to maintain qualifying scores in Math, English, and Science Advanced Placement courses to ease students into the careers of the future.

Some statistics that Mahoney pointed out to the students were the drastic increase of students taking AP from 2009 to this current year. Advanced Placement English has increased in size by 628%; from 28 students to 204, and currently is expected to increase by 34% this year. AP STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have grown 53% from 137 students to 210 students.

Mahoney was also  helpful in providing the dates for upcoming Saturday sessions for all AP students; November 1st for all AP English students, November 22nd for AP Science students, and November 15th for AP Math. He emphasized that each student’s goal is to get a qualifying score of either a 3, 4, or 5 to receive college credit, however not to be discouraged if one gets a 2.

“A 2 will still make you more prepared than your peers in college,” said Mahoney, and he left us with a lasting quote. “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” With the strong effort that both Durfee students and faculty put into their education, it is clear to see that Durfee will continue to rise to great lengths.