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Junior Class Returns with Motivational Messages
Alexis Mota '18
Staff Reporter
September 14, 2014
On Tuesday, September 9, Mrs. Fogarty welcomed about 554 members of the junior class, along with their teachers, into the auditorium for a “Welcome Back” junior assembly.
At the start of the assembly, Fogarty quickly began her annual motivational speech. She rewarded the students with praises such as “You earned your way here” and “We’ve almost made it”. Fogarty continued to inform the large group of juniors on how this was their most important year and graduation is only “345 days away.”  Fogarty ended her motivational speech by playing an inspirational video called “Why do we fall?”.  The video started off with a quote,“Keep moving forward. Pain is only temporary”. A few minutes into the video a clip from The Pursuit of Happiness appeared and Will Smith gave the juniors insight on how dreams are meant to be kept and how we cannot be afraid to fail. 
Fogarty continued the assembly with some housekeeping details and reminded everyone about lunch forms, dress codes, and lockers. One interesting change she discussed was that this year, students can no longer wait for rides around the building, they must wait in the main lobby to be picked up. Next on the assembly agenda was the introduction of the class guidance counselors, Ms. Lagasse and Ms. Gendreau.
Junior class president, Kai Uehara, was up next to speak.  He was greeted with cheers and applause as he made his way to the front of the auditorium. Uehara began reminding students of class pride activities, like the Rock & Ramble 5k on November 1, Welcome Back Cookout on September 12, door decorating, and the most exciting event of the year; pep rally.
The assembly ended with a few last motivational quotes like, "Push yourself, don't settle for mediocre". Junior Kiana Silva said, "I was very motivated for my upcoming school year by this assembly, it was very inspirational." Junior Lexus Robinson is looking forward to upcoming events, "I enjoyed when Kai started talking about what's going to happen in our future, I'm excited for pep rally," said Robinson.
The junior assembly was meant to remind the junior class of what was expected of them for the next two years and what they should expect of themselves, but they should always remember to just "keep calm, and enjoy junior year."