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“Let’s Hear it for the Class of 2015!"

Kelsey Rodrigues '15

Staff Reporter

September 15, 2014

Durfee’s newest senior class gathered in the auditorium on Tuesday, September 9, for what would be their last welcome assembly as Durfee students. Led by Vice Principal Paul Coogan, Senior Class Advisor Michael Costa, and Senior Guidance Counselor Denise Boland, the assembly solidified the seniors’ position as the school’s leaders. 

After Coogan addressed the common expectations like regular attendance, appropriate dress, and limited cell phone usage, the presentation became more personalized for this year’s graduating class. Coogan emphasized the importance of “staying positive” among the stress of college applications and to staying focused on school work and leadership opportunities. 

A powerpoint presentation assisted in conveying vital information to the seniors.                                      -Hilltop File Photo

Senior Gabrielle Chu prepared a lip syncing video to Queen’s classic song, “Under Pressure,” which featured various classmates and images collected from the last three years. While Coogan initially meant to begin the assembly with the video, technical difficulties delayed its showing until the end. The video captured not only the anxiety most seniors face, but also the close bond that the class has developed throughout high school. 

Costa, an influential member in the Durfee community, graciously took on the time consuming task of becoming the seniors’ class advisor this year. “You guys are truly a legacy,” he raved, joking that they were, “the only class (he’d) come out of retirement for,” referencing his break from the position in previous years to focus on other obligations. Along with teaching and being the 2015 advisor, Costa is also the advisor of the Sixth Man Club and Student Government. He is hoping for involvement and effort from all students this year.

Costa and Coogan also hinted the possibility of senior trip more elaborate than those in recent years. Further information will not be released until plans become more concrete. 

Towards the assembly’s conclusion, Ms. Boland spoke to remind students to be diligent of deadlines and to contact her or fellow guidance counselor Ms. Tricia Pleiss to make senior appointments. 

Students interested in obtaining senior privileges or volunteer opportunities should visit the senior office in the morning or after school. Additionally, senior class meetings will be held in room 360 every Thursday immediately after school.