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New Year, New Teachers at Durfee 

Jenna Vieira and Shelbie Souza '15
Staff Reporters
September 18, 2014

As the new school year has commenced, it seems as if Durfee is timeless and never changes. Although school lunch has remained the same, as well as class rotation, you will notice new and kind faces among the staff. There are over a dozen new teachers joining the Durfee community this year, however we met with two teachers, Ms. Teixeira who teaches Honors Freshmen English I and Sophomore English II,  and Mr. Coelho, the orchestra teacher. We posed a few questions for our new staff members regarding their previous employments, their involvement in Durfee, and their interactions with their students.

Ms. Teixeira, room 390, has been teaching for about three years and has previous experience in Talbot and Henry Lord Middle schools. When asked about her choice of profession she said, “I decided to teach English because I feel a connection to literature, reading, and writing.”  She further explained how she enjoys experiencing other cultures through literature. Ms. Teixeira is eager to participate in Durfee activities including spirit week. “I do some volunteer work in the city, so I value community involvement.” Teixeira said. She aims to make personal connections with her students in order to provide context for the curriculum.

Similarly Mr. Coelho tries to engage his students on a daily basis. He believes that some teachers go on “auto-pilot” and expect their students to retain all the information that they are given. “Teachers forget to listen,” said Coelho. Though Mr. Coelho was a full-time substitute last school year, he now works as the advisor for Durfee Strings, and is the director of Orchestra. “I was a Durfee student, and the Fall River School system introduced me to music, and I would love to pass the experience I had on to my students.”

The Durfee community is dedicated to offering its students help and empowers students to take pride in their work. There is no exception with these new additions to our Durfee family, and we welcome them with open arms this school year.