Why “The Best of Me” is a Must See!

Alexis Mota ‘16

Staff Reporter

March 4, 2015

"The Best of Me" was released in theaters on October 17. The film was directed by Michael Hoffman and was based off of the best selling author Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Best Of Me I had high expectations for this film, even though I did not read the book, and mostly all of them were met.


The movie began in present day timing but later continued to shift from the past to the present in order to show the love story between the two main characters Amanda Collier, played by Michelle Monaghan and Liana Liberato, and Dawson Cole, played by James Marsden and Luke Bracey, and their struggle to rekindle their love.

The movie poster of "The Best of Me."

          -courtesy of nicholassparks.com

The storyline of the movie was sentimental and heartbreaking. I absolutely adore romantic movies but this movie was far more than just romantic. The film had scenes full of action, nail biting suspense, and also parts that brought instant tears to my eyes. The actors had indescribable chemistry and it seemed as though the roles were meant for them.

The movie wasn’t too long, almost a full two hours, which is good for viewers who get bored easily. I couldn’t name one boring part of the film, every scene had something worth watching. While the movie continued to shift from past to present it wasn’t hard to understand or follow the scenes which was a big concern of mine.

The only negative part of the film would have to be the ending. Towards the end of the film it became predictable which isn’t the best way to end a great film. However, it was still heartfelt and touching.

I recommend this movie to people who enjoy romanticism and drama. The movie is definitely worth a watch, whether you read the book or not.