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Big Hero 6; Hit or Miss?


Shelbie Souza

Staff Reporter

January 9, 2014


Throughout the last few years, the film industry has been ushering out children's movies and family friendly flicks with superficial story lines depicting princesses without problems, and magic that can simply fix everything. Seldom do we find a movie geared for younger audiences that show issues such as death, loss, and betrayal.


The cast of Big Hero 6.
                     - courtesy of fandango.com

"Big Hero 6", a movie sponsored by Marvel Comics portrays the life of Hiro Hamada, a young teenager, interested in technology and robotics. He lives in a fictional city called San Fransokyo and aspires to follow in his older brother Tadashi's footsteps at the local university.

Upon early acceptance for his brilliance, Hiro intends to impress the president of the school by making microbots that can morph into any shape with the power of brain length. He is offered a large sum of money for his invention by the city tycoon, however declines the offer.  Unfortunately after the robotics convention, fire strikes the University, and Tadashi decides to go back in the burning building to save his beloved professor. The building explodes killing Tadashi, and leaving Hiro and their aunt on their own.

Luckily not all of Tadashi has been lost. His latest robotics experiment is Baymax: a bot designed to inflate when pain is caused. Baymax is medically trained and has a main purpose of treating the sick or injured.

It is not long before Hiro realizes that his invention has been stolen, and he rallies four of his brother’s closest friends to go up against whoever stole it. He designs super suits for them all, ready to combat the man in a mask whom is using his invention for evil.

Without spoiling the end of the movie, the film is heart-warming, the graphics are great, and there is a flawless balance between Japanese and American culture. The showing has been at our local Regal Cinemas Stadium 12 in Swansea, however is only there for a limited amount of time. Before going to see it, I assumed I would not enjoy it. After seeing the "Frozen" craze I thought I had sworn off children’s movies for good. This movie has given me hope that there will be more great movies for future generations to enjoy, and that morals still make their way into the movies.