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American Sniper: The True Story of a War Hero

Alexis Mota ‘16

Staff Reporter

February 25, 2015


On January 16, American Sniper hit theaters throughout the country. The movie is based off the true story of Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, and the struggles he faced once he returned home from four tours in Iraq. The movie has already hit $90.2 million in the box office, after only one week of release.


The movie was extremely realistic, the scenes seemed to be directly out of a war zone. Although some scenes were a little too detailed, such as the shooting of a young child right in the beginning, it was still amazing to watch. The non-action scenes seemed to be really touching and I did actually shed some tears.


Cooper did an amazing job acting and playing the role of someone who was completely distraught. While watching the movie you can actually feel the pain Chris Kyle was going through and witnessed his struggle to forget his time at war.

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle in American Sniper.

             -Courtesy of www.clevescene.com



One scene that really stood out to me was his memorial service. It was exactly like a real life one and it wasn’t dramatized at all. The film was able to show movie goers how heartbreaking and how traumatizing war truly is.


I believe that the movie told the actual story so well, the acting was spot on and the scenes were memorable and touching. I recommend it to people who enjoy drama and lots of action, because it is still definitely worth a watch.