The Event That Stirred the Nation

Jenna Vieira’ 15       

Staff Reporter

February 2, 2015

The New England Patriots competed against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18. The final score was 45-7. The Patriots won the AFC Championship guaranteeing them a spot in the Super Bowl.

 Tom Brady gets pumped for the game.

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A controversy broke out soon after the game, being that the footballs used in the game were tampered with. Eleven out of the twelve balls were slightly deflated prior to the AFC championship game.

Only one out of the twelve balls was seriously deflated. The ball was two pounds under the minimum of 12.5 pounds per square inch.


Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, and Bill Belichick, the head coach, made a few statements to the press. They maintained their innocence and said that they were not the ones who tampered with the balls. Unfortunately, many believe they did and loss faith in their credibility.

Mr. Farias, a history teacher at Durfee High school and Patriots season ticket holder, claims that “It's a bunch of nonsense.” A concern of Mr. Farias is that this scandal known as “deflate-gate” will take away from the Patriots potential victory.

The Super Bowl took place on February 1st. The patriots faced the Seattle Seahawks. In the last twenty seconds of the game, Patriots rookie, Malcolm Butler, caught an interception from the Seahawks quarter back, Russell Wilson. It was the catch that won the game.

Despite many allegations and negativity thrown their way, the Patriots won the Super Bowl and once again have been handed the Lombardi trophy. It was a victory for all of New England.