Taylor Swift’s First Pop Album

Alexis Mota ‘16

Staff Reporter

November 6 2014

On October 27, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album, 1989, named after her birth year and the “rebirth” of her music.


- courtesy of josepvinaixa.co

1989 is believed to be Swift’s “official pop album”, which sold 1 million copies in only 1 week. 1989 has hit #1 on Billboard top 200 albums and has also been #1 on iTunes since its release date.

The album itself has 13 tracks the deluxe album has 3 bonus tracks along with 3 songwriting voice memos. The deluxe album, however, is only available at Target.

The two leading singles off of the album are “Shake it Off”, released on August 18, and “Blank Space”, set to be released on November 10 but was leaked on October 24.

“Shake it off” was written for people who relate to being "left out," said the singer during a live stream. “Blank Space” was written in the perspective of the people who judge Swift on her life and her relationships.

Swift already created a video for "Shake it Off" and is currently making a video for "Blank Space", which is said to be her "wildest video".

Fans of Swift can find 1989 at Target for only $9.99, as well as the deluxe album for $13.99.