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The New Series Chicago P.D. Starts Off With A Bang

Jennifer Richard '14
Staff Reporter
January 14, 2014

NBC has created a spin off of their hit series Chicago Fire, which is based on the Chicago Fire Department and shows the interaction between firefighters and the chaos that they are surrounded by when they go out to extinguish a fire. The new series Chicago P.D. is based on the same principle, except that it is a police drama.

NBC's new show, Chicago P.D. is sure to be TV's newest 
crime drama.

                          -Photo courtesy of www.wikimedia.org

The executive producer of the new television series, Dick Wolf, is also the producer of Law & Order and Chicago Fire, which are both Emmy award-winning shows. Chicago P.D. has a great ensemble of actors, such as Sophia Bush formally from One Tree Hill. Jason Beghe is also part of the cast and is known for his roles in “G.I. Jane,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “One Missed Call.” Beghe has also made several appearances on the NCIS, CSI, and Law & Order shows.

Chicago P.D. is based upon the men and women in the Chicago Police Department District 21 who risk their lives to defend their community. There are two different divisions of District 21, which are the patrol cops who take on the street crimes and the Intelligence Unit which are undercover cops who take on major crimes such as organized crime, drug trafficking, high profile murders, and beyond. The horrific events these police officers have to face causes much turmoil in their lives and they have to learn to cope with these situations. This is what can make the show relatable to almost anyone.

The show’s next episode is sure to be action packed just like the first episode. The new episode airs on Wednesday, January 15. Catch it at 10 p.m. on NBC.