Student Government Sponsors Spirit Guide's Show

Kelsey Rodrigues '15
Staff Reporter
November 12, 2013

FALL RIVER (MA)-Renowned medium Maureen Hancock recently performed at the Robert J. Nagle Auditorium at B.M.C. Durfee High School. On November 12, the audience crowded towards the center of the theater, eager to communicate with their deceased loved ones. The majority of the proceeds went to the FLY Foundation, which benefits young adults suffering from cancer.

Student Government volunteers gather with Maureen Hancock backstage after the show.

-Courtesy of Student Government 

Hancock has been featured in some of the most popular television shows, publications, and radio shows including CNN, The Associated Press, The Style Network, VH1, The Boston Globe, The Ricki Lake Show and Coast-to-coast radio. She is also working with a major television network to create her own talk show. 


While most people appreciated her sarcasm and jokes, others might not have been ready for her comedic performance. However, advertising herself as a "comedian medium," Hancock did an excellent job softening the mood of the evening by incorporating humor into her soulful connections. 


Many of Hancock’s readings throughout the evening emotionally embraced the mother-child bond. She helped several grieving mothers communicate with their children, young and old. One reading that was especially shocking was when Hancock began to question a section of the crowd about an older teenage boy who had been murdered by someone close to him. Amazingly, one of the mothers in this area had lost her eighteen year old son after he was stabbed by his best friend.


David Larrivee, a junior at Durfee, attended the show with his mother and aunts. He was astonished when his uncle came through to Hancock. "Everything she said was so on point. It was insane," Larrivee shared. 


Hancock’s knowledge of intimate details, like in the case of the mother and son, surpasses that of the average person, and her attuned sixth sense is undeniable. Durfee Student Government hopes that she will make a return engagement in the future. "Maureen was great!  The amount of people who came to support the FLY Foundation and to see her, proves she has an amazing following in the area," said Mrs. Silva, Co-Advisor to Student Government. 


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