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Connecting Cultures
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Upcoming Movie, 42, will attract Fans

Nathan Carvalho
Staff Reporter '13
April 3, 2013

Baseball isn't all about the home runs, stealing bases, and making a game-winning catch. It's more than that, sometimes it's about changing the world. In the upcoming movie "42", the story of the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) is told. Robinson is an African American boy who has a lot more on his mind than just winning a game. Living during a time period of racial discrimination, Robinson is often preoccupied with the degradation of his fellow Aftrican Americans.


                               -- photo credit to blogspot.com

As the thought of an African American playing in the MLB is unheard of at the time, Robinson aims to break the color barrier in America's favorite past-time. This becomes a reality when Jackie Robinson is signed by Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) to the L.A Dodgers. From what I have seen based off the recently dropped movie trailers this film is filled with drama, hits, laughter and tears. Robinson steps up to the plate looking to win the game, win over the Dodgers fans, and deplete racism in America. 


This inspiring story is one you cannot miss on the big screen. Strap yourselves in and get ready to watch 2 hours of struggle and achievement. Jackie Robinson wasn't just a baseball player, he was a hero. Heroism was hard to come by back in the 1940's, but fear didn't stop Robinson, nor did the name-calling or all the racist comments. Watch as Jackie Robinson overcomes all the obstacles of diversity and steals his way into the hearts of America. 


"42" lands in theaters next Friday, April 12th worldwide. This is one you don't want to miss ladies and gentlemen.