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Durfee Theatre Company Gears Up for December Musical

Katlynn Rogers '14
Staff Reporter
October 15, 2013

The Durfee Theatre Company will be performing the musical 13 at Durfee this winter. The group is working extremely hard to make sure everything is spectacular when they perform as it has been off-Broadway for just under 10 years.

Kyle Pacheco (Simon) works on a song, while Mrs. Bigelow plays along on the piano.

                                        -Hilltop File Photo

The Durfee cast is very excited to do this performance. They have been meeting for rehearsals three times a week for 3 hours each rehearsal. The cast is delighted to do 13. They can relate more because they have already experienced being 13.


"The show is so modern and fun. It has something for everyone,"said Kyle Pacheco.


There will be a live band and a lot of free-spirited dancing."There is a ton of rock and roll in this show. You can't just do one-two steps to the music. You have to feel it,"said Jared Robinson, one of the directors, at rehearsal. 


This musical is about how we try to fit in to society and how important it is to us. "It is a very relatable show. There is something for everyone in 13," said Mr. Bigelow. Being thirteen can be confusing, scary, emotional, and difficult and this musical expresses all of that. 


The main characters consist of Ben Lambert (Evan), Miranda Zenni (Patrice), Jessica Thibault (Lucy), Adam Lambert (Archie), Madison Zenni (Kendra), Dwayne Harris (Brett), Shyanne Greene (Cassie), Margret Faria (Molly), Deb McIlhargey (Charlotte), Alex Ourique (Malcolm), Mason Thibault (Eddie), Kyle Pacheco (Simon), and Brendan Areias (Richie).


"The talent is spectacular. Everyone in the show will blow you away, " said Mrs. Bigelow.


Dwayne Harris (Brett), Alex Ourqiue (Malcolm), and Mason Thibault (Eddie) going over "Hey Kendra".

                                                         -Hilltop File Photo

"I get so excited every time we sing together. DTC has never done this show before so it makes me feel special and it adds more magic to the experience,"said junior Fatima Guay. 


The tickets will be on sale next month. Adults are $8, seniors are $9 and students are $5. Whether you like funky music or funny lines, 13 is the show for you this winter.