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Jayme Dee Climbs to the Top

Amanda Motta '14

Staff Reporter

October 30, 2013


YouTube is a great way to expose your music to the world. In fact, Southern California singer, Jayme Dee, has been making music videos for three years and is finally catching her big break. After a lot of hard work, she released her brand new EP “Broken Record” on July 30, 2013.

Jayme Dee singing in the spotlight at the 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. 


As a songwriter, she writes about her own life experiences, relationships, and heartbreaks. There are 6 tracks, Broken Record, Red Lights, Tip Toes, Love Whiplash, Heartbreaker, and Till I Fall Asleep on Dee’s newest EP.


Jayme Dee is definitely becoming YouTube’s newest pop sensation and is starting to make her way to fame. She is a “mix of Ellie Goulding and Amy Winehouse” according to radio host, Ryan Seacrest.


Many of her covers on YouTube reached over 1 million views. “Toxic” (by Britney Spears), “Pumped Up Kicks” (by Foster the People), “Sunday Morning” (by Maroon 5), and “Fix You” (by Coldplay) are her most popular covers. 


Billboard claims Jayme Dee “put up her own” on her “sassy” new album. Catching people’s attention with every song she sings, Dee was signed to Universal Republic Records in early 2011. 


One of Jayme’s songs “Rules” was featured in the award-winning  movie’s soundtrack, “The Hunger Games.” The movie was released about one year ago on September 26, 2012 while the soundtrack was released on November 19, 2012. 


In preparation of her debut EP, Jayme Dee went on tour with the band Owl City. Breaking out of her comfort zone from Los Angeles, both bands went to Toronto, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and Seattle. She also worked in Paris for a couple months over the summer of 2013 to finish up her EP.


Jayme Dee’s voice shines. If you’re not feeling her pain, you’re dancing along to her catchy lyrics. Dee is different and if she doesn’t catch your ear I don’t know who will.