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A Safe Bet with Safe Haven

Nathan Carvalho, Paulina Feitelberg
Staff Reporters'
March 1, 2013

A romantic thrill ride filled with laughter and tears, Safe Haven certainly did not disappoint. 
Walking into the movie theater, looking up at the show times the choice was obvious, whether it would live up to it's hype was the question. We strapped ourselves in and prepared for 120 minutes of another sappy love movie. However, that was not the case and it's safe to say that Safe Haven was worth it.

                              -- Courtesy of ryansecrest.com

The opening scene shows "Katie" (Julianne Hough) struggling to escape what seemed to be a dangerous situation. After some help from her neighbor, she gets out of Boston in a hurry while being chased by a detective. As we sat there we thought to ourselves, what is going on? Why is she being chased? The cornucopia of questions went on and on. We were hooked.

Katie lands in a small North Carolina town, that is mostly just a pit stop for tourists passing through. There she meets Alex (Josh Duhamel) who runs a local convenient store, that is where they first make contact. We suppose that you could call it love at first sight. After several awkward encounters and a nice gesture on Alex's behalf, the two finally go on a date. Alex wow's her with a canoeing trip, and a candle lit dinner that ultimately seals the deal.

Katie quickly becomes attached to Alex's children and although she wins over his daughter Lexi (Mimi Kirkland) she struggles to get his son Josh (Noah Lomax) to forget about his recently deceased mother. Just when things seem to be shaping up nicely for the soon to be "family" Katie's past comes back to haunt her. That is where things begin to shake up. It's a roller coaster ride from there on out, full of twists and turns, almost was and should have beens. Strap yourselves in because Safe Haven isn't the usual sappy love movie.