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Sled On Over to the Tipsy Toboggan 

Hunter Reis
February 5, 2013

Though I’m not usually one to write a restaurant review, I recently came across a hidden gem right here in Fall River that I thought wasn’t getting the recognition that it deserves. The Tipsy Toboggan, located at 75 Ferry Street, has an atmosphere unlike any other restaurant that I have ever experienced before.

The ski-lounge themed decor and table setup of the Tipsy Toboggan.
            --Courtesy of the Tipsy Toboggan Facebook Page

Sitting in the ski-lodge themed restaurant, I almost forgot that I was dining a bunny slope away from the Taunton River. The spacious inside of the Tipsy Toboggan totally took me by surprise. Looking from the outside, I had assumed we would be cramped into some tiny little shack. Instead, as I walked in, I saw two stories of open hardwood flooring with just enough tables to be comfortable. The Tipsy Toboggan website describes the interior as "a rustic, casual dining restaurant and pub".

The roasting fire, as well as, the mounted moose heads and antler chandeliers gives the restaurant the ski-lodge inspired theme that it was aiming for. This quaint little spot stayed cozy throughout my entire visit, as the heat from the cracking fire could be felt all the way upstairs.

The prices at The Tipsy Toboggan are pretty affordable as well. Going with a group of three, we ended up paying less than twenty dollars each for our meals, including our appetizers. Our Honey Chipotle Sauced Wings were just $10 for the eight winged appetizers. The Tipsy Toboggan also serves the “Tipsy’s Mountain Nachos”, which are enough nachos for at least four people, at $11. For our entrees, the New York strip steak cost $18 for the large, tender piece of meat, green beans, and French fries. Both the buffalo chicken wrap and the chicken Caesar wrap, which also came with French fries, cost $10 each.

The hand-cut, never frozen French fries are perfectly seasoned and salted. Though some were more crispy than others, the quality of the French fries are much better than those you would get at any chain restaurant. Portions were moderately sized, large enough to be satisfied but small enough so as if not to over eat.

Though servers came multiple times to see how everyone was doing, I was never offered another glass of water until after I had already finished eating.  Overall, though, the service was very pleasant and quickly got orders in and out of the kitchen, despite the growing number of customers.

When we had first arrived, at around 5:30 PM on a Friday, there was no wait to be seated. By the time we were leaving around an hour later, there was just a short line at the door.

Managed by the same people that own The Tipsy Seagull, The Toboggan is the new winter hang out. The Seagull, which closes every winter, added this new installment recently after deciding that profit would greatly increase if they were to open year-round.

The Tipsy Toboggan is great for a small get-together in the upstairs balcony, or even a date with that special someone by the fire on the first floor. I would definitely recommend it.