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A Hypnotizing Performance

Brenna Riley '12
Brogan Murphy
Staff Reporter
April 11, 2012

On Friday, March 30 Durfee High School welcomed hypnotist Joe Devito to the Nagle Auditorium to perform hypnosis on several students. Recognized as the number one hypnotist in New England, students were thrilled to see what surprises were in store.

Devito first asked any students who were interested in getting hypnotized to join him on stage. Twenty Durfee students then accompanied Devito in order to enter hypnosis. At first, Devito performed minor hypnosis tricks in order to test the willingness of his participants. Slowly, students that were unable to be hypnotized were asked to leave the stage.

After about twenty minutes only eight students were left on stage. This included seniors Zack Charette, Brogan Murphy, and Kaitlyn Powers, and freshmen Molly Fellows, Keegan Murphy, and Samantha Croteau, as well as a few others. These students were then commanded by Devito to perform several hilarious activities including milking cows, imitating dolls, seeing aliens, and being licked by frogs.

“Being hypnotized is like knowing what you’re doing, but not having control of how you’re doing it,” said Keegan Murphy.

While the students were under sleep hypnosis Devito would tell them things such as when they wake up they will feel as if frogs are licking their legs. The participants would go frantic, believing what Devito had said.

“Brogan made the show, it was so funny to see what Devito was capable of,” said junior Drew Guay, who watched the show from the audience.

When the students were released from hypnosis, they could not remember what they had just said or done. As their friends and families described to them what had happened, they shared in the laughs that the audience had, at their expense, throughout the entire performance.

“Everyone that went really had a good time. I wish in the future more people would come to make memories and enjoy Durfee,” said teacher Michael Costa.