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Summer Style for a Savvy Shopper

Shelbie Souza'15, Staff Reporter, 4/29/15

With only 18 days left for seniors, every grade is revving up for their Summer vacation. Even if you’ll be in school almost until July, you still need to be prepared for all the summer fashion and swimwear. Read more...

Where to Find Cheap and Trendy Winter Styles

Alexis Mota ‘16, Staff Reporter, 2/3/15

The semester is ending, but winter is just beginning. Now that we are no longer in fall, it’s time to welcome winter and all the new fashion trends. Read more...


The New Durfee Addiction


Alexis Mota '16, Staff Reporter, 1/8/14 


Throughout the halls of Durfee phones are buzzing with notifications from the hit new app “Trivia Crack”. From the day it was released on the app store, October 16 2013, the app has had over 10 million downloads. Read more...


Fall Fashion Trends Hit Durfee Halls

Alexis Mota ‘16, Staff Reporter,9/29/14

Now that summer is sadly coming to an end, it is time to welcome fall and all the new trends! There are many different styles roaming our halls. Scarves and boots, plain leggings or print, cardigans or jean jackets, you name it, we've seen it!  Read more...

The Woes of Prom Dress Shopping

Caroline Aubin ‘15, Staff Reporter, 4/2/2014

The Spring season brings along warmer weather, new life and the bright colors of prom. This social spectacle can be considered a right of passage; one major event that separates the older students from the underclassmen. Read more..



Outfit of the Day: Amanda Motta

Jane O'Brien and Danielle MacDonald, Staff Reporters, 3/25/2014

Check out Amanda Motta's outfit of the day in our new trends video series. read more... 


Ways To Make This Year's Prom A Memorable One

Jennifer Richard '14, Staff Reporter, 3/3/14

Prom season is quickly approaching and it's time to start making some big decisions on what to do to make a statement and look fabulous. Read more...


Finding Your Perfect Prom Hairstyle
Melissa DeAlmeida, Trends Editor, 3/26/13

Prom season is upon us! The way a girl does her hair for prom is crucial to the way she looks. You can make your decision easier by finding a hairstyle that is suitable not only to your dress and personality, but also to your facial features.

Prom Season 2013: Which Dress Will You Wear?
Sarah Soares, Opinion Editor '13, 3/14/13

As prom season is approaching, the time to get the perfect dress is running out! February vacation was a popular time to search for a dress, but March is just as great with all the new spring collections coming out. But the dress is not the only thing that matters, don’t forget shoes that match and accessories!

Frozen Yogurt for the Win

Melissa DeAlmeida, Trends Editor '13, 2/1/13


Frozen Yogurt (also known by the tradenames Frogurt and Froyo), is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and other dairy products. It varies from slightly to much more tart than ice cream, as well as being lower in fat due to the use of milk instead of cream.



Why Being a Geek has Become Mainstream

Selina Leboeuf, Staff Reporter '13, 1/14/13


Anyone who has either lived through the 1980’s or has seen a teen flick that was made during that time frame has been exposed to the stereotype of “nerds.” In these movies, they usually took the form of a kid with taped glasses obsessed with comic books—one who gets swirlies from jocks on a daily basis.



Cure the Brr with New Male Styles

Nathan Carvalho, Staff Reporter '13, 1/8/13


It's Winter, which means it's time to put away those shorts and short-sleeved tees and go out and buy yourself some Winter clothing. With the temperatures hitting 10 degrees it's almost unbearable to be in this cold, that is of course unless you have yourself the proper attire.



Top 5 Durfee Fashion Trends

Shelbie Souza, Staff Reporter '15, 1/4/13


The Durfee Hilltoppers each have their own unique looks, influenced by the latest fads on and off the runway.



These Boots Were Made for Walking

Gaelen Riley, Staff Reporter '14, 11/22/12


A different kind of boot is making an appearance this fall. Previously thought of as strictly a grunge or punk look that was rarely pulled off successfully, combat boots are now becoming more mainstream, and worn by a wide range of people.



Protecting Phones From Scratches Everywhere 

Nathan Carvalho, Staff Reporter '13, 11/8/12


Let's face it, when we all buy a brand new iPhone everyone is paranoid about scratches, and little marks. So what is the best way to make sure you're phone doesn't get ruined? The answer is simple, buy a phone case, but that is easier said than done.


How To: The Sock Bun

Melissa DeAlmeida, Staff Reporter '13, 11/2/12


In the last year, the sock bun has gone completely mainstream. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been using this hair trick for a while now and it has become extremely popular in the teen community.



Flower Power and Colorful Jeans

Melissa DeAlmeida, Staff Reporter '13, 10/11/12


Say goodbye to classic dark blue jeans or Khakis, because the latest trend at Durfee High School are floral patterned and colorful jeans. This fashion statement has had a major impact on many girls and is continuing to grow.



Sperry's & TOMS are all the Rage

Melissa DeAlmeida, Staff Reporter '13, 9/27/12


Students of Durfee are starting off the school year with many new and exciting  trends, especially on their feet. Sperrys and TOMS brand shoes seem to be what many girls and guys are wearing around the halls.



Sheer Shirts Top Fall Trends 

Sarah Soares, Staff Reporter '13, 9/26/12


School is back in session and new trends are coming out for this fall. It seems clear that this year sheer shirts are the next big thing. These see-through tops are both classy and comfortable, as well as appropriate for any body type! They come in many fashionable colors from mint green to sleek black. You can find them anywhere such as Forever 21, Wet Seal, Pac Sun, and even Old Navy at affordable prices.

read more...Mother's Day Gifts

Andrea Dupont ‘12, Trends Editor, 5/11/12

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and the perfect gift can make this Sunday a special
one. Whether homemade or store bought, any gift can have a sentimental meaning.

Trends For Prom 2012
Elise Marchand ‘12, Trends Editor
Prom is right around the corner and to several high school students, it is an exceptionally exciting event . For the girls, it takes a lot of preparation, from picking out the perfect dress and shoes, finding a great hairstyle, and matching accessories. There are several options to choose from to be sure to stand out during that special night.

Take a picture, it will last longer
Andrea Dupont ‘12, Trends Editor, Brogan Murphy '12, Staff Reporter 5/2/12
Imagine owning a company that became so popular in only a few months that it sold for $1 billion dollars! It can happen and Instagram is the app that did just that!  Instagram is a social networking website which allows users to edit and upload pictures and have followers view and comment on their photography.
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Dresses it up for Spring
Andrea Dupont ‘12, Trends Editor, 4/10/12
With the weather getting warmer it's time to break out the spring attire. You know you want something new for the spring temperatures and dresses will do just that. Dresses, whether formal or casual, are perfect for all occasions.
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Dresses Still Hot During Winter Season
Elise Marchand ‘12, Staff Reporter, 2/16/12 
Although casual wear seems to be the best choice when dealing with winter chills, dressing up can also be a part of this season‘s style. Wearing dresses can make girls feel more confident throughout the winter.
Read More... 

Stay Warm and Stylish with Infinity Scarves
Elise Marchand ‘12, Staff Reporter, 1/15/12
Throughout the winter, many girls are looking to stay warm and stylish and scarves help to do just that. With many styles, lengths, and colors, scarf choices are endless.
Read More..

Comfort is the Key for Winter Style
Elise Marchand '12, Staff Reporter, 12/11/11
Winter weather is slowly approaching, and the temperature will eventually drop. One of the best ways to keep cozy and warm is in a stylish winter sweater. Sweater options are endless this season.

The Most Wonderful Gifts of the Year
Andrea Dupont '12, Trends Editor, 12/12/11
As Christmas quickly approaches many are searching for the perfect gifts for their friends and family, and you may be making this harder than it should be. With little thought, you can find the perfect gift right in front of you.

Split Leg Skinny Jeans; the perfect present for the holiday season
Tabitha Tavares '11, Entertainment Editor, 12/1/11
Tripp NYC designed jeans that have the right leg black and the left in another color or pattern. Their most eye catching color is the red and the black pair. Tripp offers a black and white checkered design for a more edgier look.  There is also  a rare design on Kaboode.com that features an electric lighting bolt leg and a hot pink leg.

Colored Skinny Jeans Brighten up the Season
Elise Marchand '12, Staff Reporter, 10/5/11
Colored denim is the go-to look of the season. Different colored skinny jeans will make you stand out and look great wherever you go.

Feather Extensions
Justine Arruda '12, Staff Reported, 10/05/11
This past summer, salons across America have taken hair highlights to a whole new level. Feather extensions have become the new trend. A feather extension is a hair extension that looks like a feather. Unlike most trends that go just as fast they came, these extensions seem to be sticking around.

Summer Styles in the Fall
Andrea Dupont '12, Trends Editor, 9/21/11
It is that time of year! The temperature is dropping and many are being forced to put away their jean shorts and flip flops. Even though the season is ending, it is not necessary to put away all your summer clothing. Most summer outfits can be transformed into cute fall trends.

Getting in the spirit of spring!
Elise Marchand '12, Trends Contributor, 4/8/11

Spring is all about brightening and lightening up your outfit. It is time to put away your winter coats, sweaters, hats, and boots and get back to wearing skirts, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and sandals. Put away most of the darker clothing and add more color to your wardrobe. This season is all about wearing different patterns and floral will definitely make a massive statement.

The iPad 2 finally arrives
Kevin Medeiros '11, Design & Graphic Editor, 4/8/11 

On April 3, 2010 the first generation iPad was released to the public. Despite controversy and critical remarks coming from spectators and the public, the iPad still had much success. On March 11 of this year, the new generation of iPad was released by Apple with high hopes.

Chevrolet Volt a "science experiment"

Kevin Medeiros '11, Design & Graphic Editor, 3/11/11
In January of 2011, Motor trend had voted that the Chevrolet Volt would be the award-winning vehicle of 2011. With its new technology and eco-friendly features, the Chevy Volt is known as more of a “science experiment” than anything.

Blazers make a comeback 
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12, Trends Editor, 1/15/11

During the 90s, blazers were a huge fad. In those days, all the grunge chicks were wearing 1970's Marks and Spencers with velvet blazers , in various jewel colours - burgundy, black, sapphire blue, emerald green. They were usually teamed with a cheescloth shirt, customised Doc Martens and ripped flares with ribbon and braid decoration sewn on.

Sweet, soft sweaters guaranteed to warm this season up
Elise Marchand '12, Trends Contributor, 12/20/2010

Sweaters are a necessity for the winter season and belong in the wardrobe of anyone hoping to stay warm and stylish. Sweater dresses, turtlenecks, and pullovers seem to be taking the place of autumn's popular cardigan, as they keep the wearer cozy during these cold months.

Dressing With the Stars
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12 Trends Editor, 10/29/10 
What's harder than trying to look your very best for school? After all, it is s great way for a person to express themselves and show off their sense of style. Girls, you know how it can be on school mornings, standing before a cluttered closet and waiting for ideas to jump out at you. However, dressing like your favorite celebrities is the way to go. A typical Durfee student doesn't have to go too far to see how on-screen role models have played a big role in their peers’ attire.



Edgy leather takes over the season
Elise Marchand '12, Trends Contributor, 10/29/10
Over-the-knee boots made a comeback last winter, and this fall it's the leather knee high boots that everyone is fussing about. The best way to wear them is to tuck your skinny jeans into them, but you can wear them with basically anything. They have been spotted on many celebrities, such as Hayden Panettiere and Blake Lively.
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Put your best foot forward in moccasins
Elise Marchand '12, Trends Contributor, 10/25/10
Moccasins are a fashion statement that have been in and out of style through the years. They originally started with the Native Americans, whom we have borrowed many style ideas from, such as beaded jewelry, suede, and fringes. 


Cute cardigans keep the cold weather at bay
Elise Marchand '12, Trends Contributor, 10/13/10
You are likely to see many hot styles this fall as everyone tries especially hard to look their best at this time of the year. After all, it's the beginning of the year and making first impressions are important. There are many reoccurring trends this fall, such as moccasins, plaid, floral, and the popular cardigan. Everywhere you look--in the malls, in school, on the street--you are likely to see cardigans.