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Senior Dances Her Way to College

Danielle MacDonald '14 Staff Reporter 2/25/14 


The big day approaches and Carson Moreira-Rego is ready for action. It’s competition day, the biggest day of the year for a dancer. It’s World of Dance: New York 2012. As Carson gets ready the nerves are pulsing through her body. This is the biggest competition she has ever performed in and she’s ready to hit the stage. read more...


Camara Shoots for the Stars

Jane O'Brien '15, Staff Reporter, 1/29/14

For the past 10 years, Brianna Camara has been pursuing her dreams on and off the court. Camara is one of three captains for the girls' Durfee varsity basketball team and she is only a junior. With her sister and father as inspiration, she leads the team in every game with her eyes on the prize and fire in her heart. read more...



From Minnesota to Massachusetts

Samantha Vertentes, Staff Reporter, 12/13/12


Minnesota and Massachusetts-the only thing similar is that they both start with an M.



Senior Dreaming of a Warm Future

Caroline Aubin '16, Staff Reporter, 12/12/13


Just as the cool weather arrives, Cassandra “Casey” Merkt daydreams of warm air, abundant sunshine, and the sights of soft-sand beaches. It is not a way to cope with the harsh New England weather; Merkt is remembering her former life as a citizen of Florida.



Durfee Swimmer Makes Waves

Jane O'Brien '15, Staff Reporter, 10/22/13


At 4:45 in the morning, Durfee junior Caroline Batista’s alarm clock goes off. There is no time for hitting the snooze button, morning swim practice starts in fifteen minutes. She grabs her swim bag and school bag and heads out the door. Her 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM weekday has begun.


It's Not Goodbye...
Alexa Garant, Staff Reporter, 5/22/13

At the start of September 2009, everyone told me to  "enjoy high school while you can, because it flies by". I never believed them, until today. Sitting here writing this story, my very last story as a Durfee Hilltopper, I have exactly one week left of high school. Rewinding back to the beginning of this year, I couldn't wait for school to just be over and done with. It felt like graduation was a lifetime away at that point, and now that it's right around the corner, I would do anything to go back to September. 

My Final Farewell
Melissa DeAlmeida, Trends Editor, 5/22/13

In the past four years, my experiences at Durfee High School have been life-changing. Durfee has made me the person I am today, and this school will remain a part of me for the rest of my life.

Where do I begin?
Sarah Soares, Opinion Editor '13, 5/20/13

Where do I begin to describe my four years of high school? So many things happen within that short time, but you make memories that last a lifetime. I don’t think I’ve had enough time to do everything I wanted to accomplish and if possible, I would start all over again.

My Four Years

Bailey Brooks, Staff Reporter '13, 5/15/13

"Have as much fun as you can and get involved in everything, because these four years will flash before your eyes." That advice was given to me early on, but the problem is, I never believed it and now as I write you my final goodbye, they couldn't be more true. I've always said I couldn't wait to grow up and go to college, but now I realize how much I am going to miss high school, and up to this point, these were some of the best years of my life. 



Everyone Loves Free Money
Sarah Soares '13, Opinion Editor, 5/13/13

May 1st was the final day for seniors to make their deposits for the college of their choice. As exciting as that is, you now have to think of ways to pay for college. Some students are lucky enough to be given full tuition from their school of choice, which is rare, so what happens to the rest of us? Now comes time to fill out scholarships.
read more....

Senior Mike Wilson Finishing Strong
Lucas Saunders, Staff Reporter, 4/26/13

Senior year is quickly coming to an end as we enter the month of May. Many seniors have made their decisions to what college they're attending and are now just waiting to cross the stage in June.

Benefits of Starting Early
Paulina Feitelberg, Staff Reporter, 4/25/13

The school year is finally coming to a close. In the matter of weeks, our seniors will be apart of our alumni and moving into their dorms all across the country while the juniors take over their spots here at home. And before you know it, we'll be in the same exact position as the seniors are now.


Meet the New Junior Class Adviser: Ms. Jordan Clarke
Melissa DeAlmeida, Trends Editor, 4/6/13

Jordan Clarke is the new class adviser for the Class of 2014. She is currently in her first year of teaching and has a lot to say about her experiences here at Durfee High School.  Here is a Q&A with Ms. Clarke.


My Trip To Turkey: An Alumna's Account

Ninoshka Abreu, Special to the Hilltop, 3/29/13

I apologize for not writing these past two weeks. Since I have classes during the week I reserve my traveling for the weekend. It turns out the weekend of 15 March I traveled to the center of the Anatolian Plateau with some friends from the program and then last weekend, the weekend of 22 March I went to Egypt. I will write about both trips starting with the one on 14 March. The city is called Kapadokya and is famous for its rock formations. The drive there was about 12 hours but it was worth it: the highlight for me being the rock climbing and riding into the mountains on motorbikes and quads. It was amazing! Kapadokya was very different from Istanbul.



Senior Superlatives: Who's Who in the Class of 2013
Hunter Reis, Editor-In-Chief, 3/25/13

In 2009, many of us in the Class of 2013 were complete strangers. High school has made many of us establish who we are, not just to others, but to ourselves as well. Senior Superlatives is a yearly tradition that the seniors of Durfee High School look forward to each year.

Durfee Publications now proudly presents senior superlatives for the Class of 2013:


Future Durfee Alumni: Where Will They Be?
Sarah Soares, Opinion Editor, 3/22/13

The end of senior year will be approaching sooner than we think. The future Durfee alumni will be moving on to the next stages of their lives and for most that means furthering their education. I found interest in finding out where my fellow classmates will be spending the next few years and what they have decided to study. Here's what some Durfee seniors have planned for themselves:

One Student's Search for Her Future: A Tour of UNH

Sarah Soares, Opinion Editor, 2/28/13

As senior keeps pushing forward, that means the time to choose a college is running out. It’s hard to decide on a school without visiting it first and learning a little more about the college experience. All schools give general tours throughout the school year. It’s up to you to select your top schools and have a first-hand experience.


Need For Speed 8: A Whole New Spin
Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 2/1/13

Growing up in New England, we all have memories of playing outside in the snow. Mothers would help their children get bundled up in their layers of socks, flannels, and jackets until the shape of their precious children’s snow angels were twice the size of their actual body. As we grow up, we find ourselves playing less in the snow and playing more in our cars. 

Student Spotlight: Ashan’a Beatty 
Courtney Estrella '14, Staff Reporter, 2/1/13

Often told to always look forward and never back, Ashan’a Beatty often finds herself longing to be back in the city she grew up in. She just can’t shake the feeling that she belongs in her hometown of Atlanta, miles and miles south of where she currently resides in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Student Spotlight: Melissa Kim
Shelbie Souza '15, Staff Reporter, 12/11/12

Melissa Kim, a senior at Durfee High School sits across the table and discusses a “typical” family vacation that unknowingly would change her life forever.

The End is Near; Applying to College
Nathan Carvalho '13, Staff Reporter, 10/13/12

Summer's over, and it's time for the Fall. Which means it's time for pumpkin carving, apple picking, scary movies, Halloween costumes, and most importantly, it's time to think about applying to college.

read more...The End is Near: Senior Events Schedule

Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 5/11/12

As senior year come to a close, the graduates of the Class of 2012 are beginning to prepare for the busy month ahead. With a list of events coming up, the seniors need to keep a close eye on their hectic schedules.

Student Spotlight: Paulina Feitelberg
Sarah Soares '13, Reporter, 4/13/12

Have you ever met a soccer and basketball star? If not, then meet Paulina Feitelberg, a 15-year -old Durfee sophomore. Not only does she have a crazy life at school, balancing sports and being an honors student, she is also one of four children in a well-known Fall River family.

Cover the Night: Kony 2012

Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 4/4/12

On April 20, the Invisible Children, Inc. will put their Kony 2012 plan into action when they “Cover the Night.” Cover the Night is a worldwide campaign, and the next step in the global movement, to finally stop the LRA. 

Senior Superlatives 2012
Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 2/17/12

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Durfee Record Book, and as the Class of 2012 continues the legacy of the school, they must also continue to create new memories of their own. One of the ways the class does this is through the voting of senior superlatives, where each senior gets the opportunity to vote for a male and female classmate who they believe should win each category, and the results are finally in. 

There's an App for That!
Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Student Life Editor, 1/27/12

Over the past 5 years, Apple has continued to fascinate the world with its technology, creating a phenomenon for every individual worldwide. Their App Store features over 500,000 apps, many of which are free. 100,000 of these apps include Games and Entertainment, which are almost always in the “Top Rated” section of the App Store.


Sink or Swim for Durfee Physics Students
Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1/24/12

On Friday, January 13, Durfee High School physics students completed their week long project studying density and buoyancy through the building and riding of cardboard boats. The students competed against each other, building boats that would not only float, but also be the quickest to travel across the pool and back.

Student Government and Students Take Action
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 12/13/11

Recently, students have shown a lack of respect for Durfee High School including the pulling of fire alarms. These false alarms have been putting everyone in the building in danger and have disrupted the learning process as a whole. In light of this situation, Student Government officers decided that something had to be done. 

Durfee Teen Moms: Not Reality TV
Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Student Life Editor,
Briana Gomes '12, Staff Reporter, 12/13/11

It is not easy being a teen mother, with it comes an incredible amount of responsibility and a complete change of lifestyle in order to support a child. Some young girls are lucky enough to have the support of family and friends, while others have to support themselves. 


Get into the Spirit 
Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Student Life Editor, 11/15/2011

On Friday, November 18, the students of Durfee High School will be starting our annual Spirit Week. This year will be filled with new and exciting surprises. Student Government came up with original ideas to show enthusiasm for Durfee in preparation for the big Thanksgiving Day football game. 


Volunteering Makes a Difference
Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Student Life Editor, 11/07/2011

Two students at Durfee are attempting to make big changes within the community and they are starting by volunteering. Seniors Richard Sanders and Stephanie Rodriguez received a Transporting Patients Volunteering Award for having completed 100 hours of community service at Charlton Memorial Hospital.

Student Spotlight: Tanisha Amaral
Nicole Resendes '12, Reporter, 10/26/2011
Tanisha Amaral is seventeen years old and currently resides in Fall River, Massachusetts.   She is in her last year at B.M.C. Durfee High School and is trying to live every moment of it to the fullest.


Seniors' College Applications and Financial Aid Stresses are Resolved!
Elise Marchand '12, Reporter, 11/9/2011

For many Durfee students, senior year is here. Although exciting, it may also be extremely stressful applying to colleges and filling out financial aid forms. For the last four years, Durfee High School has been a safety net to many of the students in the class of 2012 and now they must prepare for all the challenges that are soon to come.


Senior and Student Body Candidates Announced at Assembly
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 10/17/11

On Wednesday, October 14, the seniors gathered in the Nagle Auditorium for the Durfee senior class and student body candidate announcements. As the sophomores and juniors took their PSAT’s, and the freshmen assembled in the Field House, the seniors met their candidates. This is the class of 2012’s last chance to make an impact and leave their mark on the high school. With elections on October 21, the candidates have begun their campaigning. Speeches would be done both live and by a prerecorded video.

Wrestling Returns to the Armory
Nicholas Champagne '12, Reporter, 10/11/11

The B.M.C. Durfee wrestling team is diving back into their competitive nature that once brought media attention, pride, and a positive reputation to Fall River. 

Audio Recording Class learn about different music genres
Tabitha Tavares 11' Entertainment Editor, 10/07/11

For the past ten years, Durfee High School has been offering Audio Recording to its students. Mr. Bigelow teaches the class and thinks it helps students learn about new digital recording technology. They are showed how to mix, edit and make music off of programs such as Audacity and CakeWalk....


Dodgeballin' For Kids a huge success
Brenna Riley '12, Student Life Editor, 5/12/11

On Saturday April 30, Durfee graduate Robert Costa hosted Dodgeballin’ for Kids in the Luke Urban Field House at Durfee High School. The event, which started as a class project for Costa, raised money for the Children's Museum of Greater Fall River. With over 150 players and almost 500 people in the crowd, the event was a major success.

Durfee gets "greener" one step at a time
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12, Trends Editor, Bryan Melo, News Editor, 4/11/11

All great initiatives have their beginnings. 
The Green Team, initially a small group of students headed by environmental and biology teacher Mr.Brendan ONeil, has grown in a matter of only two years. Now boasting a size of about 30 to 50 students, the Green Team has grown from only about a dozen students from two years ago.


Votes are in: Senior superlatives announced
Brenna Riley '12, Student Life Editor. 3/2/11

As the end of the school year draws near, the seniors at Durfee High School are preparing to face their next adventure; college. Walking away from Durfee there are certain memories that will last forever. To help them remember the friends, events, and teachers, the Durfee Record Book, is published. Often many seniors’ favorite part of the yearbook is senior superlatives. They each get the opportunity to vote for a male and female who they believe should win each category.  After voting, tallying, and campaigning, the results for the Class of 2011 are finally in.


Durfee seniors apply to prestigious schools
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 1/25/11

Having successfully completed the necessary schooling as mandated by the United States, millions of young adults must make the decision of what to do after high school. For many the decision falls upon which university or institution to carry on their education, or to decide what major to study--a gruesome and strenuous process for most. 


National Honor Society ceremony held at Durfee
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12, Trends Editor, Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 12/17/10

On Wednesday, November 10, esteemed members of the community and parents gathered at the Robert J. Nagle Auditorium for the 2010 National Honor Society Induction ceremony. Inductees from the classes 2011, 2012 and 2013 were honored and recognized for their scholastic and personal achievements, each receiving a National Honor Society Pin.

Past graduate makes it big in the music world
Abaigeal O'Brien '11, Opinion Editor, 12/15/10

At age seven many children are playing outside, enjoying the adventures of elementary school, but for Jimmy Khoury, the adventure was discovering what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 


Durfee holds first science study session of the year
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12, Trends Editor, 12/9/10

On Saturday, November 28 , Durfee welcomed students from Mashpee and Middleborough for the  AP sciences study session. Science teachers Mr. Brendan O’Neil, Mr. Matthew Tweedie, Mr. David Galatzer-Levy, Mr. Eric Nelson, and Dr. Sandra Mitra were present to guide AP students through their study session.

Spirit Week raises friendly competition
Tara McCann '13, Lauren Poirier '13, Staff Reporters, 11/16/10

The rivalry between Durfee and New Bedford has been around for over 100 years, and Spirit Week 2010 is the time to show pride in our school.


Student Spotlight: Ashley Beauchemin
Hunter Reis '13, Staff Reporter, 11/10/10

For Ashley Beauchemin, a junior at Durfee High School, going to college is a major life goal. This hard-working student is hoping to pursue a career in journalism in the near-future.


College Fair a big success at Durfee
Nick Moniz '11, Staff Reporter, 10/27/10

On Wednesday, October 20, sixty colleges and universities, both in and out of state, were in attendance at the Luke Urban Field House hoping to showcase their school to prospective students. The event was a great experience for all high school students who are preparing to go to college. 

Weekly club meetings wrap-up

National Honor Society - Wednesday
Renée Thiboutot '12, Entertainment Editor, 11/10/10

On November 3 and November 5 the National Honor Society held two brief meetings.

Spanish Club - Tuesday, November 2
Jeff Daddona '11, Sports Editor, 11/5/10

Throughout this holiday season the Spanish Club is participating in a canned food drive.


Spanish Club - Tuesday, October 19
Jeff Daddona '11, Sports Editor, 10/25/10

On Tuesday, October 19 the Durfee Spanish Club held its third meeting of the school year. The club has a few fund-raising events planned.

Freedom Writers Club - Monday, October 18

Brenna Riley '12, Student Life Editor, 10/25/10

The Freedom Writers Club held their monthly meetings for all members on Monday, October 18,as well as on Wednesday, October 20.
Read More... 

High school relationships: Puppy Love or Together Forever?
Melissa DeAlmeida '13 & Alexa Caetano '13, Staff Reporters, 10/20/10

We've all heard of the term "high school sweethearts" but in reality it is questionable whether young love can really last. It's a sweet idea to have the dream that in high school you will meet your prince charming or your Juliet, but that doesn't always happen.

Student Speak Out: New Lunches at Durfee
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, Renée Thiboutot '12, Entertainment Editor, 10/12/10

For years, students of Durfee High have stuck up their noses at the school's lunches. But now, with a change in the food being served, will the students finally enjoy their meals?