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To Date? Or Not To Date?

Jenna Vieira ‘15, Staff Reporter 5/4/15

Around the halls of Durfee the conversations have mainly revolved around prom. Junior prom is this Friday at 6 p.m and senior prom is May 29th at 6 p.m. Read More...


No Date? No Problem.

Shelbie Souza'15, Staff Reporter, 5/06/15

Listen up ladies! For all you beauties that think you need a date to the prom, I am here to tell you, you are wrong. Society, media, and our high school expectations tell us that in order to look great for prom, we must have a date. Read More...


Don't Bite From The Hand That Feeds

Shelbie Souza'15, Staff Reporter, 4/17/15


Here at Durfee, there have been very few incidents of harassment and violence towards teachers or other education personnel. Read More...


Ice Skating Into School

Jenna Vieira’ 15, Staff Reporter, 3/16/15


Though Spring is around the corner, it does not seem so here at Durfee High school. There is still ice on the ground as we vastly approach April. Students have found it rather difficult to walk into school. Read More...


The Stress of Snow Days

Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Opinion & Student Life Editor, 03/03/15


This winter, Fall River was hit especially hard by inclement weather. In a scenario not unheard of in a New England school district... Read more...



Black History Month Happened When?

Shelbie Souza'15, Staff Reporter, 2/27/15


February, notably the shortest month of the year has flown by. Along with the countless snow days Durfee has experienced, and our vacation that just passed..Read more...


Students Speak Out on School Safety
Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Opinion & Student Life Editor, 01/16/15

As schools across the country modify their security policies as a result of the numerous tragedies in recent years, Fall River Public Schools are welcoming 2015 with an array of new regulations and practices to ensure student safety.Read more...


Homecoming Food Lessens the Mood
Shelbie Souza '15, Staff Reporter, 12/8/14

After the fall football season, everyone thinks about homecoming. "Who will the homecoming king and queen be? What music will play, and what will the food be ?", are usually the average questions hilltoppers ask.Read more...



Coffee in the Classroom
Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Opinion & Student Life Editor 11/04/14

Cellular Phones, Crops Tops, and Coffee. What do these three things all have in common? They've been banned from Durfee classrooms. Read more...

Durfee Expands Program Blocking
Caroline Batista '15, Staff Reporter, 11/03/14 

In the name of education, Durfee High school claims to be a 21 century school however restrictions of this variety prevents student from exploring the modern day media. Read more...


The Actual Faults in the Fault in Our Stars
Alexis Mota '16, Staff Reporter, 10/29/14

The well-known novel “The Fault In Our Stars”, written by John Green, hit theaters on June 6 of this previous summer. Read more...

Durfee Runs on Dunkin
Brianna Camara '15, Sports Editor, 10/27/14

Students have been voicing their opinions about the new coffee policy. Administration has banned all Dunkin Donuts and any other type of caffeinated drinks. Here, Durfee students make their opinions known. Read more...

Is Durfee Against Dunkin?
Shelbie Sousa ‘15 Staff Reporter 10/18/2014

In the past, Durfee students were permitted to bring any purchased beverages to school, and drink them throughout the halls. Read more...

College, Here We Come
Jenna Vieira ‘15 Staff Reporter 10/1/2014

For the seniors here at Durfee, college is becoming an apparent reality. For the past few weeks the guidance counselors have been visiting the classrooms to talk about the college process. Read more...


The Halftime Show: The Highlight Of The Super Bowl

Jennifer Richard '14, Staff Reporter, February 11, 2014

Even though the Super Bowl may have been a let down to most people because of the completely one sided game, the Halftime Show received great ratings and was liked by most people. Read more...

Does the iPhone 5s Deserves the “s”? 
Keegan Murphy ’15, Staff Reporter, January 17, 2014
Every teenage dream was to get an iPhone 5s for christmas, and many of the teenagers did receive their dream gift.  Now after having the iPhone 5s for a few weeks, was the anticipation for Christmas worth it?  Many iPhone 5s users are having mixed feelings over the next generation of the iPhone. read more...
Benefits of Being a Gamer

Raymond Phuong, Staff Reporter, January 17, 2014


FALL RIVER - People think online gaming is dangerous, and it can be to some extent, but everything is dangerous, right? Yet for many, online gaming is beneficial and great. A person can meet and chat with others online and work together in teams to complete goals with each other, creating a type of bond unlike that in real life.  read more...

Student Speak Out

Christmas Hopes from the Durfee Hilltoppers

Katlynn Rogers '15, Staff Reporter, December 20, 2013

read more...


Student Speak Out

Danielle MacDonald '14, Staff Reporter, October 8, 2013

As a result of the new Freshmen Academy at B.M.C. Durfee High School upperclassmen are experiencing a new system that the school has never had before. Student's fifth period classes are no longer rotating with the rest of their schedule and students have the same lunches every day of the week.

read more...

Less Stress, No Test!
Sarah Soares, Opinion Editor, 4/8/13

The end of March is a very stressful time for sophomores, I can still remember that month being an overwhelming time for myself when I was a sophomore.  In your second year of high school, it is mandatory for students to take the MCAS exam in math and English. Spending over half of the school day taking these exams, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t stepped forward and say that this takes away from the students’ education.

School Spirit Overwhelms Durfee
Hunter Reis, Editor-In-Chief, 3/15/13

Durfee High School has done it again. The tremendous outpouring of school pride has raised quite a few eyebrows in the last few weeks, but unfortunately not all of it has been in good light.

The Big Bang Theory: Obama Style 
Gaelen Riley '14, Staff Reporter, 1/23/12

Political Cartoon

New Year, New You
Sarah Soares '13, Opinion Editor, 1/7/13

Bringing in the New Year, some people make a list of things they want to accomplish before the end of the year. These resolutions give hope that people can change themselves and give them a goal to work toward. Although, not everyone accomplishes a New Year’s resolution once one is set.

Christmas Gift Wish List
Gaelen Riley '14, Staff Reporter, 12/18/12

The students of Durfee High School are very excited for the holidays. With Christmas right around the corner kids all around the world are waiting in anticipation for the gifts that will be underneath their tree Christmas morning. We interviewed students and asked them what presents made their wish lists.

What Happened To Politics?
Sarah Soares '13, Staff Reporter, 12/9/12

On November 9, as we all know, Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States after an intense campaign against republican Mitt Romney. The vice presidential debates between democrat Joe Biden and republican Paul Ryan became a popular discussion among not just adults, but teenagers as well. It seemed that more than ever, teens were getting involved on voicing their opinions on the election.

Spirit Day Is On The Way
Spencer Borden '13, Lucas Saunders '13, Staff Reporters, 11/9/12

Each year as Thanksgiving comes around, the Hilltopper football team gets ready to take on the New Bedford Whalers. To get the team pumped up and ready to go we have a spirit week that leads up to the big pep rally. The spirit days the year are Western Day, Olympic/Nationality Day, and Character Day, we asked a few students to find out what they were going to dress up as.

School Lunches; Are They Healthy?
Sarah Soares '13, Staff Reporter, 10/26/12

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day. Being able to spend time with my friends while eating my favorite foods is a high school memory that I’ll always remember. Though the past 12 years I've bought my lunch, I've recently decided to bring one from home. I can usually tolerate some meals that have been served but now it has gone too far.


Presidential Debate has Students Stirring
Paulina Feitelberg '14, Gaelen Riley '14, Bailey Brooks '13, Staff Reporters, 10/10/12

The presidential debate on October 3, between current President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, had students of Durfee High School feeling torn. We asked them how they felt about the debate.

Are Athletes Overpaid?
Sarah Soares '13, Staff Reporter, 9/28/12

Do you remember going every summer with your best friend to see her brother’s t-ball games? It was fun and it gave you something to do. A few years later, he is making $2.8 million a year being on a Major League Baseball team.

Pick It or Ticket
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor 5/3/12

With prom just around the corner, students of Durfee High School are quickly scraping up money to purchase their prom tickets. With only a week for the juniors and about a week and a half for the seniors to make their purchases and find their dates, the upperclassmen have a new stressor during this two month sprint to summer.

Durfee Speaks Out: Earth Day
Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Student Life Editor, Justine Arruda '12, Trends Editor, 4/27/12

Students and teachers of Durfee High School speak about their plans for Earth Day.

Proposed Spirit Wear Not Lifting Students' Spirits
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor 3/11/12

Over the last month, the idea of spirit wear or uniforms for all Durfee students for the 2012-2013 school year, has been discussed.

Student Speak Out: Valentines Day
Andrea Dupont '12, Trends Editor, Brogan Murphy '12, Staff Reporter, 1/10/12

Students of Durfee High School speak about their feelings on Valentines Day.

Student Speak Out: PIPA
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 1/19/12

Students of Durfee High School speak out against internet censoring and the upcoming PIPA bill.

Student Speak Out: Holiday Traditions
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 12/19/11

Students of Durfee High School share their favorite holiday traditions.

Bad Signs of The Time
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 12/17/11

Students of Durfee High School may have noticed a new poster hanging on the walls around the school. This white paper which now "decorates" the school plainly states "Stop walking around in big circles. Get to class!"

Student Speak Out: Spirit Week
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 10/17/11

After a very successful spirit week, students at Durfee High School each shared their favorite moments.

Should Students Be Forced to Attend the Durfee Pep Rally? 

Tanisha Amaral '12, Staff Reporter, 11/7/11

Every year before students break for Thanksgiving, the school engages in the spirit week tradition – pep rally. 


Students Speak Out: Fall River Top 100 Communities
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 10/17/11

Students of Durfee High School were asked what it personally meant to them that Fall River was recognized as one of the Top 100 communities in America.


Students Speak Out: Favorite Activities
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 9/21/11

Students of Durfee High School were asked about their favorite things to do after school. 


Making Changes
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 6/21/11

On Friday, September 9, the students of Durfee High School returned from summer vacation to find several changes throughout the school.


The Class of 2012, the best class ever

Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 4/11/11

The wall outside the Senior Office has become increasingly full of announcements stating where our beloved seniors are headed next year. Now, the pressure is on the Juniors.  


The pros of wake-up calls
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 2/17/11

B.M.C Durfee High School has recently instated a new wake-up call program in which students who are chronically late or absent will be receiving a phone call at 6:15 AM. 


S-No Vacation
Joel Martins Jr. '13, Staff Reporter, 2/17/11

I recently read an article in the Boston Globe with the headline: “State says snow days must be made up.” The article explained the options that cities have if they have too many snow days. School on Saturday and canceling April vacation are two of the options. Both are grim and definitely unwanted.


Editorial: Halfway There
Jillian K. Correia '11, Editor-in-Chief, 1/25/11

With less than ninety days left, the seniors are already more than halfway through their final year at Durfee. Graduation is a natural process, like living, like dying--whether or not it has been given full attention, it is happening. It slips by unnoticed for some time, then suddenly we're faced with what we've been working towards for years.


The rhetoric of a high school student 
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 1/25/11

In the last few hours of the snow day that I had been hoping for since the first snow prediction, the television show that I was watching was interrupted by a "Special Report" bulletin. At first, all I could think of was “Now? He was just about to tell the punch line!” but, just as I was going to change the channel, I decided that I might as well watch the special report. I am thankful I did.



Editorial: Black Friday proves futile for frugal shoppers
Jillian K. Correia '11 Editor-in-Chief 11/30/10

This year, I figured I would give Black Friday a try. In past years, I’ve attached mystery and excitement to the sale after seeing my parents sneaking out of the house while the windows were still painted black. It seemed fun. This year, I discovered that there is nothing "fun" about it. 


What the holiday season truly means
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 11/30/10

The Woman That Rock 5K Road Race was a great success with over 250 runners completing the race, but the greatest success was the amount of people who volunteered. There were volunteers everywhere you looked and it was so heartwarming that many people woke up early on a Saturday morning to volunteer their time to such a great cause.


Homecoming theme is not-so-Groovy
Hunter Reis '13, Staff Reporter, 11/17/10

The theme of Homecoming was recently announced and personally, I am not impressed by the 70s theme. Homecoming is a major fundraiser for the Durfee committee of parents called the "Band-Aides". All proceeds from Homecoming are given to the Durfee "Band-Aide Scholarship Fund". This scholarship is awarded to selected Durfee band members.


Editorial: Getting Greener 
Jillian K. Correia '11, Editor-in-Chief, 10/29/10

Though autumn hues have overthrown the palette of summer, certain things in our area are beginning to look a bit greener. With the renovation of Durfee's auditorium, replacing former lights with energy-efficient alternatives, and a town meeting between the Durfee Green Team, Mayor Flanagan, and several other officials, our community is taking great steps towards becoming environmentally conscious.


We have nothing to fear but the hype itself
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 10/29/10

American media has been forever focusing on the bad; obsession with disease epidemics is a prime example. The media, from The View to The New York Times, is always obsessing over diseases that, because of the media, are pushed way out of proportion.


Benefit concert for Barrett rocks, attendance does not
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 10/12/10

On October 1, the Benefit Concert was held for the Sgt. Robert Barrett Scholarship Fund. The night was a memorial filled with music from The Carter Twins, Andrea Belanger, Rebecca Correia, and various Durfee students.