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Connecting Cultures
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Community Campaigns for Kindness

Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Opinion & Student Life Editor, 3/27/15

Last week, the Durfee community took great strides towards the message we hear so loudly every morning - "providing a safe, rigorous learning environment that is equitable, inclusive, and collaborative." Read more...

It's Finally Over
Jenna Vieira '15, Staff Reporter, 3/3/15

The AP saturday sessions began back in November. They are a requirement for all of the english AP students to attend to be exempt from taking a final at the end of the year. Read more...

Back to Kindergarten
Caroline Batista '15, Staff Reporter, 1/12/15

Durfee’s graduating class of 2014 returned to their home turf to advise the up and coming seniors on what life would be like in a few short months. Read more...
Freedom Writers Spread Holiday Cheer
Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Opinion & Student Life Editor 12/1/14


As the holiday season approaches and seasonal decorating begins, the Durfee Freedom Writers Club has introduced a new addition to hang up on the tree this year. Read more...


Anna Nalick performs at Durfee
Jenna Vieira '15, Staff Reporter, 11/10/14


Saturday, November 1, Durfee played host to singer Anna Nalick.  The show began at 7 pm and admission was $5.  



Rock & Ramble Race Rained Out?

Shelbie Souza '15, Staff Reporter, 11/7/14


On Saturday, November 1st, Durfee held its annual “Rock & Ramble” road race, a 5k that participants can either run or walk in. The race started at around 10 o’clock in the morning, and extended from Elsbree St. to close neighborhoods off of Ray St. Read more...


Talents Discovered

Jenna Vieira '15, Staff Reporter, 10/30/14

Durfee High School held their annual Talent Show on Friday, October 17. This year the stage was filled with talented young stars who won over the crowd. Read more...

Scholarships for Seniors
Caroline Batista '15, Staff Reporter, 10/17/14
The newest senior class gathered in the auditorium on Tuesday, September 9, for what would be their last welcome assembly as Durfee students. Read more...
AP Kick-off
Shelbie Souza ‘15, Staff Reporter,9/30/14

 Imagine it now. Durfee’s band playing our pump-up anthems, varsity cheerleaders cheering on stage for our AP students, and various speakers encouraging Durfee’s students to accomplish, what was once the impossible, and now thanks to Mass Insight is achievable. Read more...

“Let’s Hear it for the Class of 2015!"
Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Staff Reporter, 9/15/14

Durfee’s newest senior class gathered in the auditorium on Tuesday, September 9, for what would be their last welcome assembly as Durfee students. Led by Vice Principal Paul Coogan, Senior Class Advisor Michael Costa, and Senior Guidance Counselor Denise Boland, the assembly solidified the seniors’ position as the school’s leaders. Read more...

Junior Class Returns with Motivational Messages
Alexis Mota '18, Staff Reporter, 9/14/14
On Tuesday, September 9, Mrs. Fogarty welcomed about 554 members of the junior class, along with their teachers, into the auditorium for a “Welcome Back” junior assembly.  Read more...
New Teachers at Durfee 
Jenna Vieira and Shelbie Souza '15, Staff Reporter, 9/18/14
As the new school year has commenced, it seems as if Durfee is timeless and never changes. Read more...

Durfee Elects New Student Government Officers

Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Staff Reporter, 6/16/2014

After a very competitive election season, the Student Government officials for the 2014 to 2015 school year have been chosen. Read more...


Durfee Sophomores Awarded for Outstanding MCAS Attendance 

Keegan Murphy '15, Staff Reporter, 5/19/2014


On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, the Sophomore class had to take the rigorous math MCAS. Principal Paul Marshall made a proposal if the Sophomore class had an attendance rate of 96 percent or higher, then he would shave all of his hair off.  Read more...


Durfee Students Experience Life after College

Keegan Murphy ‘15, Staff Reporter, 5/6/2014 


On Thursday, April 10, Durfee’s Guidance department came together with various businesses in the community to mock the expected life of a students with their expected job. Read more...


Durfee Wins at MICCA Concert Festival


Caroline Aubin, Staff Reporter, 4/14/2014


On Saturday, April 5th, Durfee’s String Orchestra and Concert Band competed in the MICCA Concert Festival at Bellingham High School. Though it was the first year either group had performed at MICCA, they brought home silver and bronze medals. Read more...

Senior Superlatives 2014

Jane O'Brien '15, Staff Reporter, 4/2/14

Each year seniors get the opportunity to vote for a male and female classmate who they believe have made their mark on the class of 2014. The Record Book is proud to announce the 2014 Senior Superlatives:Read more...

Durfee Leaders Attend Youth Conference

Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Staff Reporter, 4/1/14

On Wednesday, March 12, 31 Durfee students attended the 25th Annual YMCA Youth Conference at Bridgewater State University. The event honors young leaders and consists of a selection of workshops that educate students on the struggles and strengths of today’s youth. This is the fourth year Durfee has attended the conference. Read more...

Seniors Will Be Busy Bees

Jennifer Richard '14, Staff Reporter, 3/21/14

Seniors have received a schedule about upcoming events for the end of the year. It is certain that the Seniors have a lot more to accomplish before they graduate and get sent off into the real world. Read more...

Durfee Sophomores get Pumped up for MCAS

Katlynn Rogers '15, Staff Reporter, 3/19/14

All 609 sophomores were called down to the auditorium for the MCAS kick off on Monday, March 17. The kick off began with a PowerPoint telling students to make sure they eat breakfast and sleep well. Mr. Marshall even went as far as to promise to shave off his hair if the attendance of the class of 2016 was 96% or higher during MCAS. Read more...

Durfee Celebrates Foreign Language Month

Kelsey Rodrigues '15 Staff Reporter, 3/19/14

Durfee has always been notorious for embracing its diversity and celebrating the many cultures that embody the local community. Read more...

Le Creperie Comes to Durfee

Danielle MacDonald '1Staff Reporter, 3/14/14


This month at Durfee is foreign language month. Through out these four weeks, the foreign language department will be coming together to create events and workshop activities for students to connect with different cultures through first hand experiences. Read more...


Durfee’s Debate Team Wins Big

Caroline Aubin '15 Staff Reporter, 3/14/14

Durfee’s Debate Team has certainly earned their place as an established club. The newly formed team took home five awards at their final debate at New Bedford High School. Read more...

Mr. Costa Awarded Teacher of the Year 

Keegan Murphy ‘15 Staff Reporter, 3/12/14
Durfee High School teacher Michael Costa received the award of The 2013 Greater Fall River Teacher of the Year.  This prestigious award is only given to one teacher every school year in Fall River. Read more...

Accepting the Change: Freshmen Academy in Full Swing 

Kelsey Rodrigues 15’ Staff Reporter, 3/7/14 


As we enter the second half of the school year, it is essential that we reflect on the achievements and failures of first semester. Perhaps the most significant change in the Durfee community was the creation of Freshmen Academy. Read more...



Think Before You Text 

Caroline Aubin ‘15 Staff Reporter, 2/24/14   

On Tuesday, February 11, Durfee students received a stern warning surrounding the use of social media for inappropriate purposes. Read more...



Alumni Return and Share College Experiences

Kelsey Rodrigues '15 Staff Reporter, 1/31/14


Sophomores and juniors eagerly gathered inside the Nagle Auditorium on Wednesday, January 15 for the annual Voice of the Alumni assembly. Each year, a selection of the most recent Durfee graduates returns to share their college experiences and provide advice for future college students Read more... 


Fall River’s Best Days Are Ahead

Jane O'Brien '15 Staff Reporter, 1/14/14

On Monday, January 6, 2014, at ten o’clock , the Mayor-Elect, followed by the City Councilors and School Committee Members-Elect, filed into Durfee High Schools Nagle Auditorium for their inauguration. Read more...


Dr. Turner visits Durfee- explains his role in The Conspirator

Jennifer Richard '14 Staff Reporter, 11/18/13

On October 22, Dr. Thomas Turner a history professor at Bridgewater State College and a famous historian arrived at Durfee to speak in front of two American Assassinations classes. His former student Derek Farias, who is the teacher of the American Assassinations class arranged for the visit. Turner received a warm welcome from the students at the lecture and other faculty at Durfee. Read more...

Durfee College Fair Attracts Students 

Danielle MacDonald '14, Staff Reporter, 11/1/13

On Wednesday, October 16, Durfee High School held a college fair in the Luke Urban Field House from 5-7 pm. Students were able to speak with prospective college representatives as sixty-five colleges were in attendance. Read more... 

Teacher Feature: A New Voice for Durfee Students

Kelsey Rodrigues '15, Staff Reporter, 10/25/13

As we approach November, most of the new faces at Durfee have adjusted to the rigorous and spirited pace of our school. Among these new faces are not only freshmen, but new teachers, who have had a transition equally as drastic as the ninth graders. One especially notable addition to the Durfee community is math teacher Ethan Peritz. Read more...

Class of 2017 Gets "Plugged In" To Life At Durfee

Katlynn Rogers '14, Staff Reporter, 9/17/13

On Friday, Durfee held their annual Freshmen Club Fair in the Luke Urban Field House. Anxious freshmen walked around in hopes of finding a club that best fit their talent. Over fifteen tables surrounded the gym, advertising clubs that ranged from Interact Club to the Gay Straight Alliance.  Read more...

Welcome Back, Sophomores & Juniors

Jane O'Brien '15, Staff Reporter, 9/18/13

On Tuesday, September 10, every junior student attending Durfee High School filed into the Nagel Auditorium during time slot two for the annual Welcome Back Assembly. Read more...


Seniors Start the Year Off By Counting Down

Jennifer Richard '14, Staff Reporter, 9/19/13

The excited Class of 2014 entered the auditorium on September 10, anxious to hear about the upcoming year. Vice Principal, Mr. Gray, was the first person to speak and started off by announcing there are only 160 days left for seniors, making the audience applaud. Gray stressed that attendance is crucial for this school year, and keeping up with homework and grades is very important to pass as well. Read more...


Top Ten Students Lead by Example
Hilltop Staff, June 7, 2013

As the Class of 2013 prepares to cross the stage at graduation, Durfee announced its top ten seniors at an early morning breakfast on Friday, June 7. Family, friends, and administrators welcomed Durfee's elite to honor their hard work over the last four years.

Students Attend Job Fair
Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 5/14/13

On Wednesday, May 8, a group of seniors traveled to Government Center for Fall River’s Job Fair, sponsored by Mayor William Flanagan and The Fall River Career Center.

Durfee Turns Green to Celebrate the Environment
Victoria Carlos '13, Yearbook Editor, 5/1/13

Last week red and black turned green for the fourth annual Green Week. Green Team members spent all year planning for the most environmentally friendly seven days of the year. The Green Team scheduled “green” events throughout the week to help save the earth, one school at a time.

Durfee Students Win Big for Prom
Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 5/1/13

In early February, students at FRED-TV were assigned a project that could potentially save the lives of many. They were asked to create a short video about prom safety. Four groups of students got their equipment and set out to make their ideas come to life.

The Bold, Brave, Beautiful Mr. Hilltopper
Nathan Carvalho, Staff Reporter '13, 4/20/13

Now that the Miss America Pageant was over, it was time to crown the true champion…Mr. Hilltopper. Durfee hosted the contest for the first time in the Nagle Auditorium on Thursday, April 11. As the contestants' friends, family and teachers piled in to see the show, you could tell that it was going to be a good night. Mr. Thibault, Mrs. Curley, Mr. Costa and Mrs. Silva were the judges for the event.

MCAS Rally Pumps Up Sophomores
Serena Dasilva '13, Danielle MacDonald '14 Staff Reporters 3/20/13

On Monday, March 18, Durfee High School held an MCAS pep rally for the sophomores. The teachers and students put on various performances to get the sophomore students pumped up for MCAS and to assure them they can pass the test.

Durfee Design Wins T-Shirt Contest
Victoria Carlos '13, Yearbook Editor, 2/13/13

On Tuesday, February 5, Kevin Chenet, one of our own graphic design students, was named winner of the SkillsUSA T-shirt design contest. The utterly astonished young artist was speechless as Principal  Marshall and fellow SkillsUSA members dashed into his classroom and surprised him with the magnificent news.

Roberto Leal Takes the Stage at Durfee High

Melissa DeAlmeida '13, Trends Editor, 2/7/13


On Friday February 1, Antonio Joaquim Fernandes (also known as Roberto Leal) paid a visit to Durfee High School to deliver an inspirational speech and perform some of his hit songs that have been heard all around the Portuguese and Brazilian community.



Voices of the Alumni Speak Loudly at Durfee High School

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 1/15/13


Every year, the recent alumni of Durfee return to give advice to current students during the Voice of the Alumni ceremony. This year, eight members of the class of 2012 were invited back to have a panel discussion in the Nagle Auditorium.



Local 8th Graders Step Up for Leadership Challenge

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 12/12/12


For the past two years, some outstanding 8th grade students from each middle school in Fall River have gathered at Durfee High School to compete to become a student ambassador for "Project 351". On Wednesday, December 5, six students from Morton Middle School, Henry Lord, Talbot, and Kuss were brought to Durfee to be interviewed by members of student government. These class officials then chose two 8th graders to go on to represent Fall River for "Project 351" in Boston. 



Durfee Bells are A-Ringing

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 11/19/12


On a cold November night, a truck drove into the city of Fall River. This truck, completing it’s 15 hour journey, was carrying the four smallest bells to be hung on the clocktower at Durfee High School. Only a few days later, another truck arrived at the high school carrying larger bells to be hung up.



Durfee's Mock Election

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 11/08/12


For the past two weeks, students in history and social science classes have been voting for their preferred presidential candidate. Mr. James Nasser and his geography class set up the faux election to voice the student body at Durfee High School.



Elections Cause Excitement

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 10/18/12


As the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney rages on, some students of Durfee High School are settling into their new roles as leaders of the school. On Friday October 12, elections were held and class officers were announced for the 2012-2013 school year. 



Volunteers Clean Up Biancuzzo Peace Garden

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 9/17/12


On Sunday, September 16, volunteers from Durfee High School and Nestle Water came together to clean and beautify the Brian J. Biancuzzo Peace Garden outside of the Tradewinds Restaurant.



Welcome Back Bash Kicks Off the Year

Hunter Reis '13, Editor-In-Chief, 9/9/12


With the school year starting up, students of Durfee High School were invited to attend the annual Welcome Back Bash on Friday, September 7. The bash started off in the courtyard and ended under the Friday night lights of Mac Aldrich Field

Read more...Durfee Students Give Back

Brenna Riley '12, C-Editor-in-Chief, 5/11/12

During the week of May 7, Durfee High School’s National Honor Society collected non-perishable food items to donate to local food banks. This food drive was turned into a friendly competition between each grade, seeing which class could donate the most food.

NEASC Presentation
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 5/11/12

On Sunday, May 6, members of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) visiting committee arrived at Durfee High School for the first of their many meetings, a welcome breakfast, and a presentation created by the students and faculty of Durfee High School.

Durfee Celebrates Arbor Day
Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 5/2/12

On Friday, April 27, students from 
Durfee High School’s Green Team, in collaboration with Student Government, planted five new cedar trees around campus in order to celebrate Earth Day as well as Arbor Day.


Da Cunha Comes to Durfee
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Staff Reporter, 4/14/12

On Tuesday April 10th, Portuguese children's author Luisa Fortes Da Cunha came to Durfee and presented to students in Portuguese classes he stories and the importance of Portuguese writing. 

Durfee NJROTC Being Decommissioned
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 4/4/12

Navy officials have notified the School Department that the Durfee Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program at B.M.C. Durfee High School will be decommissioned at the end of the school year. Durfee is one of 29 schools across the country to be decommissioned this year alone; 19 were decommissioned last year.

Future Leader Youth Conferece
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, 3/16/12

On Tuesday, March 6, select students from Durfee visited Bridgewater State University to attend the Youth Conference hosted by the Old Colony YMCA.

Durfee Students Choose Middle School Leader
Brogan Murphy '12, Staff Reporter, 1/30/12

Recently, one eighth grader from every city in Massachusetts was chosen to participate in Project 351. Created by Governor Deval Patrick, Project 351 is a statewide initiative with a mission to encourage young people in Massachusetts to get involved in their communities.

Alumni Return to Durfee
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1/24/12

As the 2012 graduating class is entering their second and final semester, students are preparing themselves for college. Each year Durfee asks alumni from the most recent graduating class to return and share their first semester college experience with current Durfee students.

Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Story
Hunter Reis '13,Opinion Editor, 1/12/12
On Friday, January 6, Alice Dreifuss Goldstein, a survivor of the holocaust, visited Durfee High School. Select senior English classes gathered in the Tradewinds Restaurant to hear Goldstein tell her story.

H.O.P.E. for Durfee
Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 12/15/11
Durfee High School has always been a school that tries to reach out to it’s students and community. A new way for Durfee’s faculty and students to do this is through the H.O.P.E. Project, started in November of this school year. Currently this project consists of a group of faculty members that are working towards raising money for families within the Durfee community. 

Hilltopper Athletic Foundation
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 11/18/11
During the summer of 2010 Ken and Carole Fiola, established the Durfee Hilltopper Athletic Foundation. The foundation serves to raise funds that go directly back to the Durfee High School Athletic Program. These funds are used normally for needs that are not funded by the school athletic department budget.

Road Race Rocks Again
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 11/14/11
On Saturday November 5, B.M.C. Durfee High School held the second annual Women That Rock 5K Road Race to benefit The Women's Center of Fall River.

Durfee on Duty... Jury Duty that is
Andrea Dupont '12, Trends Editor, Brogan Murphy '12, Staff Reporter, 11/7/11

On October 26, Mike Ryan, from the Massachusetts Jury Commission, presented an informational program about jury duty to students in social science classes at Durfee High School. At the start of the presentation Ryan enlightened the students with his satirical persona.

Upgrades in the Auditorium
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor 11/2/11
On October 19, The Robert J. Nagle Auditorium at Durfee High School began the next step in its renovation.

The Rise, Fall and Recovery of a Phenom
Andrea Dupont '12, Trends Editor, Brogan Murphy '12, Reporter 11/2/11
Chris Herren, alumnus of Durfee High school and former, NBA player, reached out to the freshmen and seniors of Durfee High School by reflecting on his life.



Mass Merriment for Mole Day
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor 10/24/11
On October 21, chemistry students at Durfee High School celebrated mole day.

College Fair Helps Students with Big Decision
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor 10/21/11
On Wednesday, October 19, Durfee High School held its annual college fair, which was open to all Durfee students. Over 65 colleges were present in the Durfee gymnasium to answer any questions that the students might have about a specific college or the college process in general.

Fall River-Top 100 City in America
Hunter Reis '13, Opinion Editor, Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief 10/14/11
On October 12, a live webcast, presented by America's Promise Alliance, announced Fall River as one of the top 100 communities for young people in the country. Students, faculty, and area leaders took part in the celebration in the Robert J. Nagle Auditorium.

Woman That Rock Coming Soon
Renée Thiboutot '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 9/26/11

On Saturday, November 5, B.M.C. Durfee High School will host the third annual Women That Rock 5K Road Race & Concert to benefit The Women’s Center.


Welcome Back Bash a Huge Success
Brenna Riley '12, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 9/18/11

On Friday, September 16, Durfee High School hosted their annual Welcome Back Bash for all students. The Bash was the first exposure to Durfee’s school spirit and fun atmosphere for the freshmen. Many students from all classes attended, making it a huge success.


On a scale from 1 to 10, they're 11
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, Renée Thiboutot '12, Entertainment Editor, 6/17/11

On Friday, June 11 Durfee held its annual graduation ceremony in the Luke Urban Field House for the Class of 2011.

Students honored at Junior Book Awards
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 6/7/11

On Thursday May 26, Durfee held its annual Junior Book Awards in the Tradewinds Restaurant. These awards, from Colleges and Universities, are presented to students who fill the requirements of each of the award’s standards.

Seniors honored at NHS Ceremony
Katelyn DeAlmeida '12, Trends Editor, 5/19/11

On Thursday, May 12, seniors of the National Honors Society (NHS) gathered at the Robert J. Nagle Auditorium to receive their chords. NHS president, Alisia Medeiros, welcomed all seniors and their parents and introduced Mayor William Flannagan. 


Durfee launches career program  in 2011
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 3/8/11 

The school committee has recently unanimously voted to approve the Career Pathways program of studies at Durfee High School. The program is scheduled to begin in the 2011-2012 school year and is aimed at helping students identify different career paths, as well as the courses and experiences necessary to enter those fields.


Sophomores go job hunting at Career Fair
Hunter Reis '13, Staff Reporter, 2/16/11

On Thursday, February 3, Durfee held its annual Career Fair for sophomore students in the cafeteria. The career fair is aimed at younger students to interest them in possible jobs after high school.


Durfee holds third annual science fair
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 2/7/11

On Friday, January 28, Durfee held its third annual science and engineering fair. Juniors and seniors showcased their science projects, which were a requirement for all juniors enrolled in honors level science courses. Participation in the fair, however, was voluntary.


Durfee raises "Pennies for Patients"
Hunter Reis '13, Staff Reporter, 1/10/11

The  National Honor Society is currently asking Durfee students for their help. Early last week, boxes were given to each English teacher. In these boxes students are asked to donate excess change for a program called "Pennies for Patients."


Durfee grad dies in Afghanistan
Renée Thiboutot '12, Entertainment Editor, 12/20/10

Ethan Goncalo, a graduate from Durfee’s class of 2008 and a member of the Army National Guard, died on Saturday, December 11 while serving in Afghanistan.


New report card policy is here to stay
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 12/6/10

When old policies fail to elicit progress, the institution of new and innovative policies becomes necessary. As the simple saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Durfee has chosen to enact this philosophy in education, with the passing of its new policy on report cards. As of the current school year, parents must come to the school in order to obtain their child's report card.


Durfee hosts first annual 5K race
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 11/10/10

On Saturday, November 6, Durfee High School hosted the first annual Women that Rock 5K Road Race, presented by Student Government.

Distractology 101 visits Durfee campus
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 11/12/10

Distractology 101 is a program, sponsored by the Arbella Insurance Group, that educates teenagers on the dangers of distracted driving. The program’s goal is to inform students of the dangers of driving distractions, such as texting, or simply not paying full attention to the road.


New Durfee Hilltopper Athletic Foundation to hold event
Press Release, Issued 10/18/10

Friday, November 19, 2010 is the "friend raiser" kick-off event for the newly formed Durfee Hilltopper Athletic Foundation to be held from 7pm to 11pm at the Cultural Center in Downtown Fall River. The Durfee Hilltopper Athletic Foundation, a non-profit, all volunteer group, is organized to develop, promote, and support Durfee High School Interscholastic Athletic programs. All funds raised will provide supplementary financial support to all athletic teams.


Durfee hosts green town hall meeting
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 10/29/10

On October 21, a town hall meeting was held at the Nagle Auditorium recognizing the new energy-efficient lights installed there with the help of Earth Day Network Partners, Philip’s, and Lightolier.  The event was also featured as a live webcast on Twitter.  The meeting was attended by Durfee Green Team members, fine arts students, and various school committee and city councilors along with State Senator Joan Menard. The event focused on the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in schools located in cities and was led by panelists Mayor William Flanagan, Kathleen Rogers, Zia Eftekhar, and science teacher Brendan O’Neill.  Durfee senior Jared Robinson moderated the event.


Thespians rejoice for the renovation of Nagle Audtorium
Hunter Reis '13, Staff Reporter, 10/29/10

After 35 years and three decades of use, the Robert J. Nagle Auditorium at Durfee High School is finally getting the renovation that it needs. The auditorium, which is used for the Theatre Company’s productions, school assemblies, and city functions, has desperately needed these repairs. 


Professor Xiao visits Durfee for presentation on nanotechnology
Tori Boie, Yearbook Editor, 10/20/10

On October 5, selected science classes from B.M.C. Durfee High School were invited to a presentation conducted by Professor Gang Xiao on physics and nanotechnology. In the past years Durfee physics teacher David Galatzer-Levy has worked with Xiao and was able to set up a second presentation, the first given earlier this year in June.


Fine arts wing creates virtual city mural
Brenna Riley '12, Student Life Editor, 10/29/

In the Fine Arts wing of Durfee High School there is constant creativity and hard work happening. Mr. Rene Gagnon, a visual design teacher, is currently working on a big project in his classroom; a mural of a virtual city covering the walls.  

Marching Band places fourth in USSBA Competition
Abaigeal O'Brien '12, Opinion Editor, 10/29/10

On October 23, 2010 the Durfee Marching Band performed during a competition in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The competition was part of the United States Scholastic Band Association (USSBA). The band placed fourth in the Group 1 A Class.



Preview: Women That Rock
Renée Thiboutot '12, Entertainment Editor, 10/12/10  

On Saturday November 6, B.M.C. Durfee High School will be hosting the Women That Rock II 5K Road Race and concert to benefit the Southcoast Center for cancer in memory of those who have lost their battle and to those still fighting for a cure. 


Ross Thibault named new sophomore Vice Principal 
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 10/12/10

As of the 2010-2011 school year, Mr. Ross A. Thibault will take over as vice-principal for the Class of 2013. Thibault will be taking over for Mr. Matt Desmarais, who decided to return to teaching after a four-year absence. 


Durfee Gets Serious With Advanced Placement
Bryan Melo '11, News Editor, 10/8/10

On Monday, October 4, Massachusetts Science and Math Initiative (MMSI) president Morton Orlov II, as well as other representatives, spoke to students regarding the Advanced Placement program at the school.